Hurricane Nate and 30 Days of Blogging

Yesterday I passed a homeless man and couldn't stop thinking about where the homeless go during a hurricane.  During Harvey, we had conversations with family and framily about how much it costs to evacuate and how a lot of people just don't have the ability to evacuate because of cost.  It really puts a lot about life into perspective. and Christopher

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.22.27 AM.png

Yall remember Kiva? Well, I have had the same lil piece of money in Kiva for years now. Maybe like almost 10 years. I just keep turning it around and giving it to someone else. In all these years I don't believe I've ever received an update from the person I loaned the money to. Maybe it's a new thing they are doing but getting this update from the latest person I loaned my lil piece of money to brought me joy this morning.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.25.55 AM.png

Christopher looks like he services each customer with a smile and probably gives you an extra scoop if you smile back.  LOL!  I'm looking forward to seeing how far he takes his family business.

You can check his business out on his Facebook page:  Rhythm & Thyme 

if you're interested in starting to help out small businesses with microloans, try Kiva out.  I've been doing it for years and it makes me feel good knowing I've helped out someone with a dream that the banks don't believe in.