Hurricane Nate and 30 Days of Blogging


I challenged myself to blog at least once per day for 30 days and I've only missed one day since.  


But there was a hurricane coming and mass hysteria was in the area.  We don't believe in riding out category 3s and above so this one was supposed to be just a 1 or a 2 so we were going to ride it out.  

We got ready and buckled down.  I was so tired and ready for the hurricane to lock us in the house I ironed my pajamas.  LOL!  I's not that often you CAN'T do anything you know?  So yeah...I ironed my pajamas.  Well, my pajama bottoms.  I wear size small men's white cotton v-neck t-shirts as pajama tops so they are very seldom wrinkled.  Robby said we had to sleep downstairs so I put sheets on each leg of the sectional and we made it real cold, charged everything and watched television.  We, of course, fell asleep and, at 11:30, the power went off but there still wasn't too much activity that was greater than just a regular storm.  That changed rapidly though and we didn't get much sleep.

We were really concerned about it getting hot cuz um...we hate to sleep / be hot.  By the time the electricity returned, it was about 74 degrees in the house.  

One thing I know for sure is that in our next house, we want to have a generator system built in that kicks in immediately when the power to the house shuts off.  Our neighbor has this and we heard it turn on immediately which is a blessing when it's raining outside and you can't run the generator. I've been reading up on it and it costs about $6k to install.  I say that is $6k well worth it for peace of mind and for maximum comfort during a thunderstorm, hurricane or derecho which might be the reason the electricity shuts down.

We didn't sustain any damage and just had major debris from all the surrounding trees all around the house.  Once the air was on, we got to work cleaning up because we weren't going to do it without air and not being able to take an amazing shower after we got sweatyfunkydirty cleaning up.  

Robby finished around 3pm so he could go watch his beloved Ravens and I kept working putting things back where they went outside until about 5pm.

Now?  We are relaxing with a glass of wine.  Glad we were prepared for the worst and yet only had to deal with not that much.  

We'd been thinking about the poor people in Houston whose homes flooded and the devastation in Puerto Rico and other areas and how blessed we were in comparison.  Yesterday I passed a homeless man and couldn't stop thinking about where the homeless go during a hurricane.  During Harvey, we had conversations with family and framily about how much it costs to evacuate and how a lot of people just don't have the ability to evacuate because of cost.  It really puts a lot about life into perspective.  How the simple, automatic reaction of wanting to get out of danger's way is not something a lot of Americans can do these days.  You have to have reliable transportation, money for gas, credit card to reserve a hotel and money for food and drink.  There is no telling how long you're going to have to be at the hotel either.  It TRULY makes you think about our responsibility to help those who can't afford it.  

It's sobering.  

And it happens so often now it seems.

Even though we pay the same amount of taxes that seemed to be able to help people in the past, seems to me that the current administration is doing far less to help Americans.  We need to lookinto how our tax dollars are being spent.  If they are not helping in areas we expect them to help in...where is the money going?  How is the deficit continuing to grow but people are getting less government assistance?  I just read something about how they are cutting food stamps by a hundred plus billion or something like that.  Where is that money going?  All kinds of programs are being cut that poor Americans counted on...WHERE IS THAT MONEY GOING NOW?

Clearly...I have questions.

Oh well...I blogged tonight.  I am cool and clean and in fresh pajamas on the sofa listening to Kindred The Family Soul while Robby watches football. We are happy, healthy and have all that we need.  We are blessed.  YOU are probably blessed.

A lot of people aren't as blessed as we are in these areas.  *sigh*

We gotta do better.


Monnie AKA My Mommy's Daughter


Hot, sweaty, tired.  AND BLESSED!