Village Talk: Totally Unfit OR...Did Something Stupid?

Recently I had something go down in my neighborhood where a neighbor asked me to call the police on some kids for her.  Well...CLEARLY this neighbor doesn't know me cuz yeah...I'm not calling the police on kids.  ESPECIALLY in the currently climate we've been in for a minute regarding police situations.  I was annoyed with the situation big time because the woman is a mother and well...I figured mothers should think these kinds of things through before making a rash decision.  I mean...I hold mothers up in high esteem even as I recognize they are human.

But again...I would never, ever, EVER call the police on children unless I for real thought my life was in danger.  So yeah...just wanted to get that out the way.  o_0

That said, I read this article and I felt some kinda way about it:  

Mom allegedly leaves son alone for holiday weekend

So...the mother is 27.  Her child is 8.  She became a mother when she was still a teenager of sorts.  At 27, she's a cute girl still.  And...she's been a mother for 8 years + the 9 months she carried the child.  You'd like to THINK she'd figured out how to do this mothering thing a bit better but well...the news that we often hear or read would suggest that people in their 20's are still kinda offish.  As someone who was MAJORLY offish in her 20's...hell...I can't imagine the simple ish I might have done had I been a parent since being a teenager.  Not saying that all women who became mothers early on did major irresponsible ish but hey...I'd understand-ish if they did.

Whenever I hear/read something like this...I wonder what I would have done.  I know me so I know that had I realized that an 8 year old neighbor child was home alone while his mother was out of town...I would have promptly made him call his mother and give me the phone.  I would have told her IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that her child was going to be at my house until she returned and that my expectations were that she was going to return as quickly as possible with the threat of the police being called if she didn't.  I would have thought about the repercussions of calling the police.  Of the child being removed from the home and taken into protective custody.  Of the mother being arrested.  Of her arrest possibly leading to her losing her job and all the crap that follows losing your job when you're a single parent.  I would have wondered why in the HELL she didn't leave the child with someone she trusted and then I would have been sad thinking that she didn't have anyone in her life that she'd trust with her child.  I'd think that yeah...she did something stupid but hey...the child was being well taken care of prior to this so yeah...maybe getting them people in their business would COMPLETELY wreck their flow of life.  If she didn't have someone she trusted to care for her child for a weekend...what are the chances that she'd have someone trusted to care for the child while she dealt with the legal issues surrounding her doing something majorly f'ed up and stupid?

But yeah...Idda thought about all of that and brought him to my house, put on some cartoons or hooked up his video game and kept an eye on the kid until she hot footed it back home.  And then...Idda kept an eye on her azz from that point forward to make sure the child was good ya know?  I probably would have offered to watch him for her so she could have a break from being a mother and just be a cute 27 year old at the beach with friends from time-to-time.

Cuz mothers need that downtime sometimes when they are the everything and all to their babies.

I get upset thinking about this "neighbor" who called the police straight off the bat.  I mean...chick had kids who played with the kid apparently so she was acquainted with him but not so much so that she'd consider the repercussions should she call the police.  So she did and the child was removed from the home and the mother arrested.  Nothing was said about the child living in unfit conditions.  Their home is nice and well kept.  

I'm not condoning what the mother did cuz yeah...that was stupid and dude...REALLY??????????  HE'S FUGGIN 8 YEARS OLD!  But the "neighbor?"  She's a b*****.  An unfeeling, unconcerned b***** who doesn't give two shits about that child.  Yeah I said it...she's a BITCH.

I hate calling people b*****es and very rarely do it...but in this situation one mother did something super stupid and the other mother was a b****.

I hate b****es.

Your turn.  What would YOU have done?  Would YOU have called the police?  

Fug 'em!

I can't tell you enough how to not worry about people who aren't worth worrying about.  Every second you spend on them is taking away from you being the light you need to be.  



Do you.

And smile because you're genuinely happy.  If you're not happy...don't smile.  That fake ish is for the birds.  Tweet...tweet!

Hanging Family from Tree. Halloween Decor?

So...a home on the Ft. Campbell military base had the above as Halloween decor.

Neighbors complained and, when brought to the attention of the occupant...they removed it.

Someone in the comments of the article defended the occupant saying that it's Halloween and people shouldn't be so sensitive.  It's just scary stuff.

What are your thoughts?  Does it concern you that SOMEONE who lives in that house is in our military?

Are We All Undercover Racists?


On Saturday I got really, really pissed off.  Like...angrier than I've been in a long, long time.  See...I try and be kinder and gentler and not let SIP out as much these days.  Growth and all that.

Let me paint the picture for you...

I was told that I could park somewhere while I got my volunteering on.  Several hours later I returned to my truck and it was fine.  Several hours later...I returned to my truck and...still fine.  Few hours later and I'm ready to roll out...and a car had blocked me in.

Someone went to go see what the what as I waited patiently thinking the person who blocked the cars in was just running in and out somewhere quickly.  When it became apparent that wasn't the case, I got out of my truck and followed the direction of the people who went to go see what was what.

I walked in on an argument and the person whose car was blocking the cars of the volunteers was saying that we needed to pay him to move his car. say what now?

I didn't address the owner of the car...I addressed the person who was attempting to handle the situation.  I said...I'm not paying him the police.  He's impeding my movement and I consider it a form of kidnapping.  Call the police and let the police sort it all out.  Simple.  He doesn't own that area, you were told we could all park there.  I'm not about to be extorted by this dude.

So the dude in question was all super arrogant and whatnot.  The kind of person who has gotten over before and plans to do it again because he normally does this with good church folk who don't want no trouble.

Hi...I'm SIP...I don't mind trouble.  CALL THE POLICE!

So...I noticed that he got a bit nervous when cameras started snapping and folks started pulling out their phone to call the police as I'm continuing to tell folks to call the police.  (I'd left my phone in my truck.)  I head back to my truck to get my phone and he comes out with the other people and moves his car.  I am FURIOUS at this dude and I say a few choice words without cursing to him once I'd moved my truck.  He felt that it could probably escalate so he didn't say anything until AFTER I'd walked away.  Because of the company I was keeping...I stopped talking.

But BAAAAAAAAABY...the things I was thinking?  NO.CUT. should be noted that I don't have a problem with many folks.  Just ignorant mofos.  I don't really care what you're doing with your life, who you are, etc. as long as you aren't messing with me or mine.  I just stay away from you and don't give two figs about what you have going on.  Ignant ish however?  I have a problem with.

I thought some really horrible things about the guy, who was dressed in traditional Muslim headgear.  You can imagine as you've probably heard these things before.  I didn't feel bad about my thoughts either...I was just furious with an ignant mofo who was coming at me all wrong.  I didn't know anything about him other than, at that moment, I wished the ground would open up and swallow his ignant azz up or that I could have yanked him out of his car and slapped him silly.

Now...during some quiet reflecting, I started thinking about insults and how not many of us have problems slinging them or thinking them when we feel insulted.  These insults...does it mean we have a problem with ALL people who share the trait, characteristic or similarity we used as an insult?


And I thought about the firemen fighting last week.  The fireman who called the other one an offensive slur...did it mean he hated all Black people...or...could it mean that he just REALLY not like that one Black person in particular and wanted to insult him to his core just to let him know exactly how much he couldn't stand his azz? 

I mean...I don't have a problem with Muslims.  Period.  I believe everyone should be allowed to practice their religion because I'll be damned if someone is going to  tell me that I can't practice my religion my way.  I certainly don't think all people who are obviously not FROM here are illegal and I don't think all people from the Middle East are terrorists.  Not even in the slightest.  Dare I be all cliche' as hell here and say that some of my FAVORITE people are Muslim because's true.  Very true.  

But it made me think about what we do, think and say when we are mad as hell at one particular person.  It made me wonder about insults and what it means that we have them so readily available in our verbal arsenal...

So...I ask you, In 2014...can we insult people who have HIGHLY offended us using slurs without said slur being a blanket statement across the board?  Do YOU think offensive insults that you'd never say out loud?  Do you think it means you're a little bit racist?  Have you ever thought about this?

Scenario From Real Life

Your home owner's association is getting to be super damn annoying.

I get it.  They exist for a reason and in some cases...they can make you want to stare off into space for an hour just contemplating apartment living and how peaceful it was back then.

So...they amp up their process and start sending out annoying emails, letters and ish that you go ahead and mark as spam so you never see them.

You maintain your home well and never have problems anyway and you don't want to see/deal with the bull they have going on.

One of your neighbors asks you if you got a letter about powerwashing the siding on side of your house.  

You tell them no because you just powerwashed the side of your house that Spring.

The neighbor states that they got a letter and that your house has as much grime on it as theirs does and that they sent in an email saying exactly that.

You: you told them that my house SPECIFICALLY has the same amount of grime on it that yours does?

Them:  Yes.

You:  Well ain't that about some bullshit.  Who does that?

Them:  What?  I mean...your house is always nice so I just wanted them to see that ours is the same.

You:  How the hell you gonna pull me and my house into the bullshit you have going on with them people?  You know I can't STAND them people hell!

Them:  Oh.  I'm sorry.  I didn't think...

You:  You know what...lemme go.

You mad?  

Or would you have done the same?


Someone I love got hurt yesterday by a dick move by a dude.

The dude is not a dick.

The dude is a nice guy with good values and a great heart.

So how in the world does he just up and start being a dick?