Material Life Shop in New Orleans

A while ago I read this article on Apartment Therapy:  A Collector's Maximalist New Orleans Home  

Do you see her home?????????  It is sooooooooo gorgeous!  I noticed in the article that she has a shop in New Orleans called Material Life Shop so I went stalked her Instagram feed:  Material_Life_Shop

Everytime since, whenever I was in the city, it was either on a day she wasn't open or she'd already closed for the day.  Today was my lucky day!!!!!!!

The owner, Carla Williams, had the most magnificent energy!  Her shop / gallery is filled with amazing artefacts, art, books, photography, pottery, etc. from Black life.  And when I say the pieces she's curated are amazing?????? THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!  I walked up and down because I didn't want to miss a thing.  AND...if you ask her about a piece?  SHE TELLS YOU THE MOST FASCINATING STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just shares with you things you knew nothing about and now?  You want to know everything about!

Take these two pieces I brought home with me:

They were both created by The Black Potter, Mr. Jim McDowell.  The first one is an ugly face jug and the second one is a whiskey mug.  LOL!  

The jugs were used to mark the graves of slaves and the ugly face was so that it scared away the devil.  Interesting right?  I just thought they were cool.  I'm totally looking forward to visiting this store often so that I can integrate some meaningful art into our home.  

Next time you're in New Orleans, you should go check it out.  Tell her I sent you so I can stay on her good side.  Yall know I have an inquisitive nature so I want to ask her a whole lot of questions whenever I'm there.  LOL!  

Oh...and use the address on her Instagram page.  If you just ask Mr. Google...he doesn't have the new address updated yet.  Yeah...we went to the old location first but we were determined to find it today!

Check this out:


Reign Supreme

Ran across this in my memories from 8 years ago over on my old blog and it was relevant to a friend so I sent it to her.  If you need to read it, I hope it helps you too!

Facebook Status of "friend:" 

_____ is trying to learn how to put herself first. Any tips?

She received a few good comments that made me smile knowing she has some good people on her friend list:

1.  Take a mandatory 1 hour a day doing what you want to do (eat ice cream, catch up on your fav magazine or go get a mani/pedi).

2.  LOL Kelli...not only knowing but USING the word "no" is the first step

Not feeling guilty about using it is the second

Not needing to use it anymore is the third

3.  Make a list of everything you want to do and just do it! No apologies, no excuses, no guilt! Once you get used to putting yourself first, you won't go back!


My response was simple.  To the casual observer...the simplicity may seem flippant but it's oh-so-true.



I don't understand this idea that anyone should be better taken care of than you by you.  I mean yes...I understand the concept of putting your children first and why so that's a given but even as a need to find that space to be solid with you cuz without won't be solid enough for others.


In Monnie-land I reign Queen Supreme.  I've built a life for myself that allowed me to take the time I needed for me and it gives me what I need to nourish those I love.  If I didn't have the kind of time to and for myself now things would get hectic but trust me when I say the last person that would be neglected would be me.  When I'm dealing with something I hear the following often:  "We don't see or hear from you anymore."

My answer to that? 

I was giving me the time and attention I needed.  I have a little extra time and attention to spread around now so what's up?

Cuz that's how I roll.  I come before all others.  I nurture myself before I even THINK about someone else.  Might sound selfish or it just might be the building block missing in a lot of folks' stairway to happy-ness.

Reign Supreme in your life.  Take the time you need to be all you desire to be.

Love you...mean it,

Monica Mingo

P.S.  Do YOU reign supreme in YOUR life?

Billy Balls and Blue Thistle...Quick and Easy Arrangement!

When I can find billy balls and thistle, I make 4 of these little arrangements to put throughout the house for a pop of color that lasts and lasts and lasts.  I'm talking a solid month or more if you remember to not let the water get icky.

I love to put them in the guest bedroom and bathroom and then...forget about them.  LOL!  I love the personal touch that flowers on the nightstand adds to the welcome level your guests should feel and this is super cute with a nice little pop of color.  Wrap a bit of kitchen twine around the neck and VOILA!  You're doing big things with minimal effort.

The Perfect Cheap Kitchen Bowls!

I love to cook. I have learned to enjoy baking since I can't find a lot of fresh gluten free baked goods. I love baking pans, muffin tins, etc. You know...cuz I like neat stuff. LOL! I have all I need or, at least, I thought I did until I rolled up on this FABULOUS Anchor Hocking 2.5 quart glass bowl at HomeGoods for $4.99.  The bowl is true perfection.  I wish I could explain it to you but I can't.  It's just seriously the most perfect bowl.'s the size to make 6 muffins or one cake layer.  And well...sometimes you need a dozen.  So I went looking for a larger one just like it and HomeGoods didn't have it so I checked with Mr. Bezos 'nem over at Amazon and BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY...check out this deal.  You get two 4 quart bowls for $17.99.  

They are on the way!  GO ME!

Bowls.  I know...weird.  


I don't understand when people allow the negative voice of a negative person creep into their thoughts constantly.  I don't understand how people don't consider the source when they are listening and deciding what to take from a "voice."

When the voice in your head starts mimicking the most negative things you've ever's time to renew.  When the people who claim to love you say the most hateful and hurtful things to, about and which affect you's time to see them exactly as they are and vow to NEVER be like them.  You are already a better person than they will ever be because you know you'd NEVER say some shit like that to someone you claim to love or hell...even strangers you probably won't ever care for.

Be selfish with your pride.

Be joyful with yourself.

Put in the work.

Negative voices talk to everyone.  Only the strongest know how to block that ish out with accomplishment.

Fug 'em!

I can't tell you enough how to not worry about people who aren't worth worrying about.  Every second you spend on them is taking away from you being the light you need to be.  



Do you.

And smile because you're genuinely happy.  If you're not happy...don't smile.  That fake ish is for the birds.  Tweet...tweet!

AKC Dog Show 2015

Robby and I got to attend a doggie show this past weekend. Some of our friends were showing some of their show doggies and we tagged along to experience something new and awesome!  

Jackie Brown and Wilona Woods

Okay, okay...she was going for Chaka Khan but I saw Wilona.  I had to remind her that Wilona was a STONE.COLD.FOX!  LOL!

Have you ever attended a 70's costume party?  Did you rock it?

Women and Ambition

This is a great article about women and ambition with several different points of view.  We Asked Women How They Really Feel About Ambition -- This Is What They Had To Say

Which do you most identify with?  What would your 20 year old self say if they saw where you were today?  Would you be in line with what your aspirations were?  Did becoming a mother change your career goals?  Are you exactly where you think you should be now?  Are you STILL ambitious?  



P.S.  Yall KNOW why I'm super grin-t up right?  RIGHT!  LOL!  THAT'S MY DAWG!!!!!!!!