Village Talk: Totally Unfit OR...Did Something Stupid?

Recently I had something go down in my neighborhood where a neighbor asked me to call the police on some kids for her.  Well...CLEARLY this neighbor doesn't know me cuz yeah...I'm not calling the police on kids.  ESPECIALLY in the currently climate we've been in for a minute regarding police situations.  I was annoyed with the situation big time because the woman is a mother and well...I figured mothers should think these kinds of things through before making a rash decision.  I mean...I hold mothers up in high esteem even as I recognize they are human.

But again...I would never, ever, EVER call the police on children unless I for real thought my life was in danger.  So yeah...just wanted to get that out the way.  o_0

That said, I read this article and I felt some kinda way about it:  

Mom allegedly leaves son alone for holiday weekend

So...the mother is 27.  Her child is 8.  She became a mother when she was still a teenager of sorts.  At 27, she's a cute girl still.  And...she's been a mother for 8 years + the 9 months she carried the child.  You'd like to THINK she'd figured out how to do this mothering thing a bit better but well...the news that we often hear or read would suggest that people in their 20's are still kinda offish.  As someone who was MAJORLY offish in her 20's...hell...I can't imagine the simple ish I might have done had I been a parent since being a teenager.  Not saying that all women who became mothers early on did major irresponsible ish but hey...I'd understand-ish if they did.

Whenever I hear/read something like this...I wonder what I would have done.  I know me so I know that had I realized that an 8 year old neighbor child was home alone while his mother was out of town...I would have promptly made him call his mother and give me the phone.  I would have told her IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that her child was going to be at my house until she returned and that my expectations were that she was going to return as quickly as possible with the threat of the police being called if she didn't.  I would have thought about the repercussions of calling the police.  Of the child being removed from the home and taken into protective custody.  Of the mother being arrested.  Of her arrest possibly leading to her losing her job and all the crap that follows losing your job when you're a single parent.  I would have wondered why in the HELL she didn't leave the child with someone she trusted and then I would have been sad thinking that she didn't have anyone in her life that she'd trust with her child.  I'd think that yeah...she did something stupid but hey...the child was being well taken care of prior to this so yeah...maybe getting them people in their business would COMPLETELY wreck their flow of life.  If she didn't have someone she trusted to care for her child for a weekend...what are the chances that she'd have someone trusted to care for the child while she dealt with the legal issues surrounding her doing something majorly f'ed up and stupid?

But yeah...Idda thought about all of that and brought him to my house, put on some cartoons or hooked up his video game and kept an eye on the kid until she hot footed it back home.  And then...Idda kept an eye on her azz from that point forward to make sure the child was good ya know?  I probably would have offered to watch him for her so she could have a break from being a mother and just be a cute 27 year old at the beach with friends from time-to-time.

Cuz mothers need that downtime sometimes when they are the everything and all to their babies.

I get upset thinking about this "neighbor" who called the police straight off the bat.  I mean...chick had kids who played with the kid apparently so she was acquainted with him but not so much so that she'd consider the repercussions should she call the police.  So she did and the child was removed from the home and the mother arrested.  Nothing was said about the child living in unfit conditions.  Their home is nice and well kept.  

I'm not condoning what the mother did cuz yeah...that was stupid and dude...REALLY??????????  HE'S FUGGIN 8 YEARS OLD!  But the "neighbor?"  She's a b*****.  An unfeeling, unconcerned b***** who doesn't give two shits about that child.  Yeah I said it...she's a BITCH.

I hate calling people b*****es and very rarely do it...but in this situation one mother did something super stupid and the other mother was a b****.

I hate b****es.

Your turn.  What would YOU have done?  Would YOU have called the police?