Material Life Shop in New Orleans

A while ago I read this article on Apartment Therapy:  A Collector's Maximalist New Orleans Home  

Do you see her home?????????  It is sooooooooo gorgeous!  I noticed in the article that she has a shop in New Orleans called Material Life Shop so I went stalked her Instagram feed:  Material_Life_Shop

Everytime since, whenever I was in the city, it was either on a day she wasn't open or she'd already closed for the day.  Today was my lucky day!!!!!!!

The owner, Carla Williams, had the most magnificent energy!  Her shop / gallery is filled with amazing artefacts, art, books, photography, pottery, etc. from Black life.  And when I say the pieces she's curated are amazing?????? THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!  I walked up and down because I didn't want to miss a thing.  AND...if you ask her about a piece?  SHE TELLS YOU THE MOST FASCINATING STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just shares with you things you knew nothing about and now?  You want to know everything about!

Take these two pieces I brought home with me:

They were both created by The Black Potter, Mr. Jim McDowell.  The first one is an ugly face jug and the second one is a whiskey mug.  LOL!  

The jugs were used to mark the graves of slaves and the ugly face was so that it scared away the devil.  Interesting right?  I just thought they were cool.  I'm totally looking forward to visiting this store often so that I can integrate some meaningful art into our home.  

Next time you're in New Orleans, you should go check it out.  Tell her I sent you so I can stay on her good side.  Yall know I have an inquisitive nature so I want to ask her a whole lot of questions whenever I'm there.  LOL!  

Oh...and use the address on her Instagram page.  If you just ask Mr. Google...he doesn't have the new address updated yet.  Yeah...we went to the old location first but we were determined to find it today!

Check this out:


Excellent Book: "The Nix"

I'm in the middle of this book, "The Nix," and I have absolutely no idea where the author is taking me but doesn't matter at this point because I am enjoying the ride.  I can't tell you the last time that's happened, that I didn't know what was going to happen even a little bit.  Like...I have even stopped guessing at this point.  I'm just here for wherever he takes me.

"Live Long and Prosper"


I don't miss many science fiction movies and I read and have read my fair share of science fiction novels.  I enjoy escaping into a world filled with new experiences and people/beings which differ from what I'm used to.  I get that from my father, who loved him some science fiction too.

What about you?  Do you enjoy science fiction?  Who introduced you to it?  What about your kids?  Do they enjoy science fiction?  What's the last science fiction you read?  I'm currently reading this one:  The Martian

Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy.


Word on the Curb Tomorrow!

Yall know we're doing WOTC during Shondaland's winter break right?  Right.

Topics we'll be discussing tomorrow night at 8:30pm EST:

1.  How did the Democrats lose the Senate?

2.     Al Sharpton 

3.  Unfriending:  Why did you unfriend the last person you unfriended?

4.     Old men trying to holla at young girls. 

5.     Christmas party fashion questions answered by the always FABULOUSLY FASHIONABLE Erica B.

6.  Book / Movie / Music recommendations.

7.  Events in your area you're attending this year.

Join us so we can hear your opinions too!

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