"Writer's Block"

Why would she be in nursing school if she doesn't like blood?

Might as well clean that spot off my screen. 

Where'd I put that all purpose stuff from Windex?

Oooh...my fancy cloth for cleaning the computer...I think it's in my work bag.

Now where's that?

Oh yeah...downstairs.

Jaru looks so cute on the floor like that. 

It won't hurt to get on the floor with him and get some hugs.

Of course Lucy sees this and heads on over.

I give them good old belly rubs and scratches. 

Is that a spot on my new carpet?

Lemme get that right quick.

Might as well vacuum the hallway.

I like using the attachment for the corners.

Where'd I put that?


Jaru must need to go outside cuz he's staring at me funny.

It's nice out here today.

I need to plant those bulbs before the first frost.

Let me check in the closet to see if they're still in that bag.

Or if Robby took them down to the basement storage in the Land of the Lost.

Oh yeah...I need to charge my iPod.

It was on it's last cell.

Oh yeah...there's my work bag. 

Wait...my fancy cloth isn't in here.

Must be in my purse.

Yeah...it's there with my iPad I'm sure.

How long has this orange been in here? 

Sheesh...a long time cuz it's kinda hard.

What else is in this bag?

Oh...that's the receipt I've been looking for from "Marco Polo."

I need to make a copy of that.

I forgot...I'm out of black toner.

Might as well go get some.

Ugh...I gotta comb my hair?  Sheesh...that ain't happening.

Let me pull it up under a hat.

Well...it's kinda dry. 

Might as well wet it.

If I'm going to wet it might as well wash it and let it air dry.

What in the world did I do with that new pack of headbands?

I really should put something on besides this fleece I'm wearing.

Fleece pants hang on me like a bag.

Oooooooooh...where are my gray sneakers with the pink ruffles.

I'll wear gray and pink today.

Short or long socks? 



I'm almost out of my favorite everyday scent.

Gotta get some more.

Might as well make a list.

  • Eau de du toilet 
  • Soap
  • Diorshow mascara

Good.  Organized.  A list.

Where's my phone? 

Oh...and my earpiece.

Crap...I didn't put on earrings.

And a bracelet. 

Where's my rubber black bracelet?

The heel of my left foot hurts.

Let me stretch it out right quick.

I don't have a jacket to go with this gray and pink.


I'll put on one of my thick long sleeve white organic t-shirts under this shirt and wear a thug vest.

Wait...that's like three sleeves.

That's not going to work.

I'll just wear that black shirt with the kangaroo pocket. 

I like this shirt.

I should wear it more often.

Hold up...why is this on the floor of the closet? 

Damn...it fell out of the dry cleaning basket.

I need to drop that off.

My phone is ringing.

Dr. Punkin.

Dr. Punkin:  Remember last night when I was in the store buying printer cartridges?

Me:  Yeah.

Oh yeah...toner!

Where's my list?


  • Toner

Dr. Punkin:  Girl I was so distracted last night I threw the bag with the printer cartridges in the garbage.

Me:  Brain broke like mine.

Dr. Punkin:  You know I blamed you.

Me:  Of course you did.  Seems fitting.

Dr. Punkin:  You writing?

Me:  Yeah.  Been writing.

Dr. Punkin:  Well let me let you get back to it.  May the creative juices of your brain flow.

Me:  Thanks.  Talk to you later.

Dr.  Punkin:  Love you.

Me:  Love you too.

  • Graduation gift

Leave the house.

Crap.  I need gas.

Get gas.

Let me get all of this crap out the door of my truck.

Sheesh...it's dusty in here.

Might as well vacuum it out.

Hmmmmm...gotta get some quarters.

Charlie Rangel is crazy.

Who defends their own dang self cept crazy people?

I know he has a lawyer friend.

Or six.

Wait...she could be in law school!


That would fit her age and why she's broke!


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