"Game Time" - Part 2 - Karina


"Ma...Jessica just got home.  Oh look!"  she grabs a bag off the counter and makes crinkle sounds into the phone with it..."She brought me medicine!  And soup!  I'm going to eat, take some medicine and go to bed right now!"

"Okay!  Bye ma!  Love you!"

She hung up the phone and plopped down on the sofa next to Jessica.

"I've been home all night.  Should I walk out and come in again?"

"I know.  Sorry.  I had to come up with something or she'd have my dad pull the car out the garage and drive the hour to get here."

"You know you shouldn't be so hard on Aunt Jackie.  She's really crazy about you."

"Too crazy.  It's been this way all my life."

"You're the only 24 year old I know whose parents bought them a condo so you didn't have to live far from your first job.  It's pretty obvious yall got something special going on there."

"Yeah...I know I'm blessed and all that but sometimes the price is really a bit too high.  Sometimes I wish they weren't so..."

"So what?  Less loving?  Less generous?  Some problems you've got man."

Karina bit the inside of her jaw the way she always did when someone commented on how blessed she was.  She'd learned long ago that nothing she said would make an affect on what they thought so she just said nothing.

As always.

She twirled a blond curl while she sat quietly.

A key was heard opening the front door and Jessica jumped.

"Da hell?"

Ryan walked in smiling.  "Hey ladies!"

Karina stood up and walked over to him a big, goofy grin on her face.  She kissed him.

"Hey baby."

"Oh...so he has a key now?"

"You have a key."

"I also live here."

"It's not a biggie Jessie.  Don't start."

"Wait...you didn't tell Jessie you gave me a key?" asked Ryan.

"No.  She didn't."

"Hey...I'll give her back her key.  I don't want to start anything."

"That's not necessary Ryan."

"No...that's okay now.  I mean...how long have you had it now?"

"Two days.  She leaves before I do when I stay over on school days so she gave me a key to lock up."

"Well...I guess that makes sense."

"You ladies want to go grab a bite to eat?  The Black man is treating."

"Sure!"  Jessica stood up.  "Where are we going?"

"What about that sushi place down by the Galleria?  I could call Tommy and have him join us."

"I'm changing!"

Karina watched Jessica rush to her room.  She walked out of the living room and into her room.  Ryan followed her.

"Babe...what's up?"

Ryan closed the door behind him.

"She gets on my damn nerves.  I can give a key to who I want to give a key to.  It's my condo."

"Well...she does pay rent."

"She pays $300 a month.  If she wasn't my cousin she's have to pay $1,250."

Ryan lays across the bed while she starts yanking out clothes.

"Okay...what's wrong?  You seem antsy tonight."

"Why do you always have to invite her out with us?"

"Babe...I'm just being nice.  She doesn't know anyone here and she's your cousin."

"She's just here to spy on me for my parents."

"Exactly.  So we should keep her happy."

She walked into the adjoining bathroom and pulled her shirt off  and turned on the shower.  He walked up behind her and slid his arms around her burying his face in her neck letting his hands rise to her breasts.

"You mad baby?"  He let one hand dip into the waistband of her sweat pants.  "You mad?"

She bit her lip and closed her eyes.  Turned around and raised her arms over his shoulders around his neck.  He spread his legs wide and pulled her into him...backing her against the bathroom counter.  "How mad are you baby?  Show me."

She sunk her teeth into his neck. 

He yelped and grabbed her hands from behind his neck and spun her around bending her over the counter.  She struggled, but not really.  She never struggled too much.  He  pulled her pants down and she felt him push against her struggle.  Against her clenching.  He kicked her legs apart and slid as he exhaled. 

As she inhaled. 

The rhythm they loved. 

The shower steam enveloped them and she opened her eyes and saw Jessica standing in the doorway of her room watching them.  Instead of being startled she looked Jessica in the eyes, bit her lip and then smiled.  Jessica turned away.

Without hurrying.

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