Depression Protection: Small Vintage Writing Desk Paired With Mirror

I found this small writing desk and thought how nice it would be in a guest bedroom where you don't have a lot of space for a real desk but would like to have something in there for your guests to do some work if they have to.  As I was working on it, I remembered a mirror I bought but didn't use in my mirror gallery.  The mirror was just hanging out in the garage behind some stuff so I pulled it out and coordinated the paint with the desk.  I chose Annie Sloan Duck Egg just to have a pop of color in the space it lands.

I have to is super dooper cute now!

The desk has a small drawer for note cards and pens/pencils and a little pullout shelf in case you need a bit more space.  It's pretty perfect and now I'm wondering, as always, do I take it to my shop or do I put it in one of the guest bedrooms?  Hmmmmmmm...


I used Howard Golden Oak Restor-A-Finish followed with Howard Feed-N-Wax on the top, drawer and shelf.  It makes it really pretty.  

I know you're saying to yourself...Monnie is always doing something and to that I say...I have to.  I absolutely, 100%, always have to be doing something and if I can't do what I truly WANT to do (make my own movies), then I guess it's cool having a hobby that can consume major blocks of time so you don't sink too far into yourself and get lost swimming around searching for shit you don't even know how to recognize.  I mean...I know that happens to some people and that it is just the way life goes but I'm pretty happy knowing that all I have to do is DO SOMETHING and I don't get too low in my the spirits.

And I do get low.  Very low. could I not sometimes?  

But only sometimes.  You can't let that mess become a habit.

Go do something okay?  DO.SOMETHING.  And it's perfectly okay if it's something you've never done before.  In fact...that's even better.  Having your brain consumed with a project and moving is a good thing.  When the noise gets to be too loud...go do something.  It is a for real solution.

How to fix chipped wood or veneer.

If you have nice pieces at your home with chips or broken veneer, you'll be surprised at how easy these things are to fix.  I've always wanted a porch rocker from Cracker Barrel but have never pulled the trigger.  I was at a consignment store and saw one and well...I had to have it. Solid wood?  Check.  And you know how I feel about solid wood.  HOOOOOOOOOTY HOOOOOOO!

I got a really good deal on it because one of the rockers had a chipped end and needed some fixing so hey...I can fix stuff.  LOL!

This stuff is pretty cool in that it brought me back to my childhood when I mixed it up.  It smelled exactly like the stuff my daddy used to use to fix our boat and, I guess that's exactly what it was.  Lightweight Body Filler.  Has that ever happened to you?  A smell takes you back?  It is a weird and cool experience huh?

If you're using this, you'll need one thing for sure, Bondo spreaders.  These are the only things which the hardened body filler won't stick to permanently.  Whatever you mix it with and on/in will be ruined forever so yeah...whip out a paper plate or bowl and a plastic spoon.

After mixing it up, glob it on whatever you're fixing pretty good and then use the spreader to smooth it evenly.  It will dry pretty quickly so please make sure you work fast.  Once it's dry...SAND IT SMOOTH.

Then...well...paint it and make it purdy.  You like purdy don'tcha? do.  I painted the rocker in Annie Sloan English Yellow with a bit of a stenciled detail in Annie Sloan Pure White.  Yes.  It makes me happy.  :)

Now that I have a rocker...maybe I'll take up knitting.  LOL!  

Refinished and Painted Vintage Windsor Wood Arm Chair

This might be my favorite piece yet.  It is so solid and fun now that it has been restored to awesomesauceness.  Yup.  That's a word.  Look it up.  Didn't find it? bad.  :)

This lil dude was busted and disgusted.  The bottom was broken and there was a ton of just...GRIMEY GRIME on the arms.  Dried on grimey grime.  Just gross. we've covered before...solid wood can be sanded and cleaned up so well so I repaired it with wood glue, contact cement and wood filler and then got out my palm sander to remove all the grime off it.

Then I painted it but it was just regular and I wanted it to be fun.  This will probably end up in the kids' guest room once I find the perfect size desk so, of course, I wanted it to be neat and indestructible too.  LOL!  I used some of my stencils and did a rustic French numbering stencil on the seat using chalkboard paint but it looked too "new" and I didn't like it.  To combat this I mixed one part paint to two parts water in a wide mouth jug and shook it up really well and then applied to the seat wiping it off almost immediately with blue shop towels for a white washed look.

The feet on it were rusted and non-removable so I taped the legs up and hit them with some gold paint.  To finish it, I sprayed it down well with Minwax polycrylic three times.  Should be good to go.

And now it's so cute...I might not want a kid sitting in it.  Indestructible or not.  So there.  LOL!  


Solid Oak Round End Table Refinished in Annie Sloan Country Grey with Stained Top

I'm totally beginning to have a thing for round coffee tables and end tables.  Not plain ones mind you...but some with a bit of oomph.  What is oomph you ask?  Hell if I know...I just know it when I see it.  

When I found this table it had a busted leg.  Totally ew.  Turns out, broken wood pegs are relatively simple to fix though.  You take a drill and drill through the broken peg until the hole is completely cleaned out.  Then?  Add some wood glue and bang in a new wood peg.  You can get a pack of like 10 of them for under $2.  Crazy huh?  When I think of all the things I've encountered with a busted wooden peg and it could have been fixed for like TWENTY CENTS???????  


So...this was pretty basic.  Like...seriously.  When you use Annie Sloan chalk paint you don't have to sand it so I only sanded the top because I wanted to stain it and to stain something...ya gotta remove the current finish so the wood can absorb the Minwax Dark Walnut stain.  There was just no way I was painting over that gorgeous inlaid top.  It was just so neat to me that it was laid in quarters like that.  The beading along the side was a detail I wanted to make pop so after painting the base in Annie Sloan Country Grey (my favorite color it seems)  and under the top, I rubbed dark wax under the top.  As a protectant, I really like General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in satin.  I think I did two coats on the top.  Anything vertical I've learned to use a polyacrylic spray so that's what I did there.  The piece came out so lovely and man is this thing SOLID!  It won't move unless you actually move it.  A simple bump won't sent it sprawling into the wall to make a knick in your paint.  WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!

You'll find that round end tables are pretty versatile for the space you're looking to fill too.  Squares and rectangles are  I guess that's a good way to put it.  If not...pick some words, put them together and VIOLA!  Hopefully you know what I'm trying to say.  LOL!

Refinished Nightstand Between Twin Beds in Kids' Guest Room

20160713_142026 (1).jpg

When looking for pieces to refinish, do yourself a favor and choose REAL WOOD pieces only.  Don't get cute and get stuck with some particle board you won't be able to do anything with except paint.  Nothing wrong with painting, of course, but the great thing about real wood is that if you screw can start over.  No problem.  If you don't like can start over.  No problem.  

This piece had something I hate.  A non-working "drawer."  Like...there was a drawer pull on it and a fake line to simulate a drawer but it was just a side.  I was looking for a nightstand to put between the kids' guest bedroom.  It has twin beds and not enough room for two end tables so I needed to be pretty specific with size.  Also...I didn't want it to be too tall.  Initially, I was going to use a bookcase but struggled with lamp placement.  Since it's a guest room, something with a drawer isn't necessary and I've since put a low basket with a liner under it to hold books.  

Still working on the room for now, of course.  I'm planning to do a light colored wall behind the beds and decorate it with stars.  Why?  I like stars.  Duh.  LOL!  Funny because my nephew is currently visiting and he has his own ideas of design and implemented them accordingly.  *sigh*  He's quite proud of his handiwork.  What say you?  Think he has a future in interior decor?

The piece was scratched up like crazy so I removed the hardware on the faux dresser and covered the holes and the lines with wood filler that can be painted.  Then...I sanded the top really well to get as many of the scratches off the top as possible.  

I wanted a "front" so I used contact cement to add a pair of latex appliques to it.  I didn't decide this until I'd already put a coat of paint on it.  Next time, I'll know to make the decision BEFORE I've started.  Will make it a lot easier.  I added a bit of gold Rub N' Buff to the appliques so that they would stand out a bit.  I did the same to the bottom ring on the legs.

I put three coats of General Finishes High Performance top coat on the top to make it virtually indestructible and a dark wax along the base and legs for more of a shiny patina.  

I paid $5 for this table so yeah...even if one of the nephews Hulk smashes another one on top of it...I'm good.  LOL!

Plant Stand Makeover in Annie Sloan Provence and Dark Wax

This was tragic in the beginning. TRA-GIC!

I thought it was going to be a simple job of stripping and then painting but noooooooooooooo!  It had been painted and then covered with contact paper and then?  PAINTED AGAIN!  I didn't get anywhere with an entire can of Citristrip because of the stupid contact paper.  Once I got the top coats of paint off, then I had to pull off the contact paper and THEN I had to strip that paint off.  Seriously...I almost gave up on this thing thinking that a plant stand just really isn't worth all this trouble so I left it alone for a few days and worked on something else.  Then I thought about how gorgeous my trailing begonia would look on it so I stripped it, sanded it and painted it.  Then?  I got jiggy with it and used my stencils to put a few designs on it.  After that, I used 100 grit sandpaper to distress all the edges of the wood and went over it with dark wax.   

And now?  Me happy!  Had I known about all of the layers of paint and the contact paper in the middle?  Yeah...Idda passed.  I never want to do that again.  

Isn't it purdy?

Vintage Mersman Round Coffee Table

Mersman 31-25

Mersman 31-25

I was looking for something I could try the shabby chic look on and glaze.  Since I only paid $5 for this piece, I wasn't scared I'd screw it up. LOL! And hey...even if I did screw it up, I could always strip it and start over right?  Right!

One of the things I really enjoy is doing the research on a piece and finding out who made it and when. I always get excited when a piece has the manufacturer's name on it.  

This table is from the 1950's and has a nice bit of solid heft to it. In the 1950's, laminate furniture was popular and this piece had a laminate top.  Because of this, I sanded it and primed the entire table before painting. Then, I distressed the base with sandpaper and put on a coat of polyurethane.  Next I used General Finishes glaze in black on the top and the shelf to give them a distressed look too.  I haven't decided if I want to glaze it again or not but once I do, I will do another coat of polyurethane after a super light sanding.


Whatcha think?  This is my first attempt at distressing with sandpaper and glaze.

English Yellow Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Empire Chest

Annie Sloan English Yellow Chalk Paint - Two coats.

Annie Sloan Clear Wax - One coat.

Minwax Dark Walnut Stain - One coat on stripped and fully dry top.  

Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish - One coat on fully dry top.

Brasso - Rubbed brass brad finishes until they were shiny.  

The interior drawers are pretty perfect but I might paint them a shiny black.  Eventually.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  LOL!  I like it.  It makes me happy.  LIke...really happy.  Although, I'm sitting here looking at it now thinking that a stencil of white cherry blossom branches across the three long drawers starting about a third of the width in would be super cute.


Have you refinished a piece yet?  Or a new piece if you've done it before?

Do you like the yellow?  





New #AnnieSloanChalkPaint Project!!!!!!! Empire Chest!

I have a wish list of things I've always wanted.  On this list?  Rolltop desk, highboy, dining table which seats 12+ and...DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!  An Empire Chest!

Give me a minute while I hit a cabbage patch move right quick!  GO ME!  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I found an Empire Chest and I couldn't be more ecstatic.  It is in pristine condition.  Early 1900's. HEAVY.AS.HELL!!!!!  Clearly on days when my favorite consignment store lady calls...I need to rent a man and a Uhaul cuz I couldn't even move that sucker 3 inches.  IT.IS.SOLID!  It is so perfect I don't have to do a thing to it but well...there is this color that I adore and this piece is SCREAMING for it.  The color you ask?  ENGLISH YELLOW.  With a shiny black top (I think.  Might just keep the top as is but I just think black would be sooooooooo sleek.).

I know you can't "see" it but it's gonna be gorg.  I just know it.  You're going to have to trust me here.  LOL!  Oh...and I'm going to have a piece of beveled glass cut to put on the top because I'm thinking it will house a "bar" in my upcoming Monnie Retreat.  LOL! it's a living/sitting room.  No television.  No electronics.  It will be for reading and relaxing.  It will be shiny and gorgeous with a white sofa and FABULOUS window treatments. with super fluffy blankies and lots o' lots of BOOKS!  Yup.  There will be a covered box at the entrance for your cellphone.  NO ELECTRONICS!  It will be a thing of beauty.  (In my mind so far mind you!  LOL! way my ADHD is set up, Robby will only let me get one piece at a time so that I don't have a lot of projects stacked up because I've gotten bored.  Cuz we all know that can happen.  In the words of one of the besties:

"Is there ANYTHING you can't do?????"

Answer?  Yes...stick with anything for a lifetime.  Hey...I get bored.

HAPPY WEEKEND!  How is your weekend stacking up?  What's the temp out by you?  It was almost 80 degrees here today.  Throwed the hell off.

China Cabinet Upcycle - COMPLETE - #AnnieSloanChalkPaint

To start...I had to take off that old school gold leaf stuff.  I added about 20 drops of tea tree oil to some hot water, saturated a washcloth with it and then rubbed it all over the gold stuff squeezing as I went so there was water left sitting on top.  Then...I let it sit for about five minutes and, using the blade from a utility knife...scraped it off.  Easy.  SUPER easy.

Next, I painted the interior with two coats of Country Grey (followed by clear wax) and the exterior with two coats of Coco.  Since I was looking to coordinate with a painted chest we already have...I was trying to get a certain color so I followed the exterior with dark wax.

I plan on stenciling the interior back but probably not before Christmas.  I put some stuff in it to take a picture because I didn't want to pull out my china.  Then...I was like...well...I like my china where I keep my china (in the painted cabinet) and I feel like it's safer in there.  Now...safer from what I don't know.  This is how my brain works.  I have issues and I'm not working on them.


Before.  During. After.  

I like it.  It makes me happy.

And truly...that's all I want in life.  To do whatever makes me happy.


Sooooooooooo...have you decided to try a piece yet?  I'm thinking of painting our family room coffee table.  You know...since a little super cute puppy yall know teethed on it when we first got her.  LOL!

China Cabinet Upcycle - STEP 1 - #AnnieSloanChalkPaint

Whew...I just used a blanket to drag that thing out to the foyer because it has the best light in the house.  Don't tell Robby cuz that sucker AIN'T light.  LOL!  

I have been waiting on some stuff to arrive that I ordered to start getting this done right.  First thing is to remove that gold harlequin design from the glass.  I have a scraper and I'm going to use a mixture of tea tree oil and warm water to remove it.  I'm told it will take patience...Okay.

Next I'm going to paint the interior with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Country Grey.  Then...I'm going to either stencil a design in the back or figure out a way to add paper or vinyl to the back for a pop of contrast.  I don't want anything to fight with what I put in it...but I do want it to be interesting enough to draw the eye.

After that...I'm going to paint the exterior in Annie Sloan's Coco.  

I've removed one of the bail pulls from the drawer at the bottom so that I can find one like it online.  I haven't found one yet but hope to do so before I finish the painting.  I'm also thinking of painting the bottom two inches of the front legs a gold color.  

THIS will take a minute.  LOL!

HAPPY HUMP DAY!  Yall decorated for Christmas yet?????

HELP! Twin Beds with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Country Grey

I have two of these beds and am using Annie Sloan chalk paint in Country Grey.  I'm doing one at a time so I can figure out exactly what I want to do to them.  I figure if I do one at a time it will be much easier and quicker to do the second one once I know exactly how I want it to look.

That one has two coats of paint on it and I'm about to play around with dark and clear wax.  The dark wax will give it a weathered look and I guess that would be a good thing in order to hide future knicks but I'm not sure how to go about it just yet.  I like the way it looks on some things but sometimes...the shabby chic look can be a bit too shabby to me you know?  So...that's my dilemma.

I'd like to highlight the details on the beds.

What do YOU think?  Distress the details only or try and lightly distress the entire bed?  Do you like the color I picked?  Remember...they are going in a navy blue bedroom that I want to make gender neutral.  

I've been buying old flag decor and keeping it all together with the receipts in case I change my mind because I saw something recently that REALLY caught my eye that incorporated the color orange in the decor of a navy room.  Nice right?

What would YOU do?  Holla atcha girl.

New Projects!!!!!


I'm taking this whole refinishing furniture thingy by the horns.  LOL!  I'm enjoying it so much!  Taking something well made but in need of modernization feels really good.  

Today I went out to my now new FAVORITE place in the world and returned with two really nice wood twin beds.  Headboard, footboard, rails, et al.  The price was ridiculously awesome and what made it even more awesome is that a family member decided to gift them to me for Christmas and called ahead to pay for them for me.  When I texted the family member to threaten to fight them they were all like...BRING IT!  And...SAY IT WITCHA CHEST!

I decided family shouldn't fight for Christmas and well...they'd prolly win anyway soooooo...



So...I'm, of course, chomping at the bit to get them started.  I bought the paint I want to use on them and will probably do them tomorrow.  I'm putting them in a room that is navy blue and I want to make it super relaxing and still fun for guests who are kids.

Now...the thing I'm SUPER DOOPER excited about starting?  THIS!

Maaaaaaaaaan look!  I couldn't fit it in Deuce, of course so I couldn't bring it home.  The Robinator is in deadline mode so he might not be able to help me go get it until Saturday.

WILL I SURVIVE?????????????????????????

This will certainly be a test of patience as I have none when it comes to doing what I want to do when I want to do it.  So now...we wait.  And while we wait...we do the most searching out stuff online to help make it look like I want it to look.  I just ordered this:  AMACO Rub 'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish, Antique Gold, so I could get the brass handles to have a really awesome bright color.  The pull on the top drawer is missing so I need to either find a replace for that one or three to replace them all.  I hope to identify that before I go to bed.  LOL!

I have my Annie Sloan chalk paints already.  I know exactly how I want it to look.  Just gotta get it here and get started.



I can't do nuttin tonight though.  *sigh*

Cane Back Chairs Painted with Annie Sloan Paint!

I bought these chairs for $25 each.  Real wood.  GO ME!  

Since I was painting them with Annie Sloan chalk paint, I didn't need to sand or prime them.  Just two coats of paint.

Next, I'm going to add clear wax to them and recover the cushions with that fabric.

I think they look pretty good with the table.

So...this project is almost complete.

The table and chairs cost me $150.  I had to buy the paint, dark wax, clear wax and stain.  A brush to put the wax on with and two yards of fabric to cover the chairs.

Yeah...I feel REALLY good about what I did here.  Imma mess around and pop a hip doing the electric slide 'cross these floors in joy!  LOL!  

Annie Sloan MIRACLE Chalk Painted Kitchen Table!!!!!!!

I fell down a rabbit hole recently on Pinterest regarding Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I got really excited and then Angela shared with me the china cabinet she did and that pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I wanted to do something with the paint.

Our dining table is in the dining room so we needed a kitchen table.  Of course I'd identified one.  For whatever reason, I didn't pull the plug on it immediately and The Robinator kept asking me when we were going to get a table.  I'd decided I wanted to use a bench against the bay windows so the view wasn't obstructed and well...I just kept dragging my feet because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted.  I wanted it to be fun but still neutral.  Crazy I know.

This is what I liked:

But I wasn't crazy about the white.  The walls on the main level are taupe with white trim.  Too much white will make it my opinion.

The Annie Sloan pics on Pinterest made me feel like...YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!  I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!  Pinterest Annie Sloan Table I needed a table.  

The Robinator was a good sport and went with me to a place that sold old furniture.  We were walking around when I found a table with crap stacked on top of it.  It looked horrid but it was REAL wood.  I asked the owner how much and when she said $50 I agreed INSTANTLY.

We brought it home but my shoulder was hurting so badly...he wouldn't let me start.  But I went to the place where they sold Annie Sloan chalk paint and picked out the color, Provence. I figured it would give me the pop of color I was looking for while still remaining relatively neutral.  

I decided I wanted to stain the top so I chose Minwax Dark Walnut as the stain for the tabletop.

I woke up this morning chomping at the bit to get it done but my shoulder was still messed up.  Because he's kinda awesomely fantastic...The Robinator sanded it for me and then I got to work.

These are the steps:

1.  Clean with Clorox cleaner and damp towel.

2.  Let dry.

3.  Sand top only (going to stain the top) with coarse sand paper.

4.  Wipe off dust.

5.  Sand again if needed.

6.  Wipe off dust.

7.  Sand with fine sand paper.

8.  Wipe off dust.

9.  Wipe down with damp towel.

10.  Let dry.

11. Stain.

12.  Let sit for 15 minutes.

13.  Wipe dry with old, soft t-shirt.

14.  Stain again if you'd like it darker.  (I didn't.)

15.  Paint rest of table with chalk paint.

16.  Let dry for an hour.

17.  Paint again.

18.  After 5 hours, add Annie Sloan dark wax to top.

19.  Wipe off excess wax.

I didn't buy the clear wax for the painted part because I didn't think I'd like it but I think I now want it so I'll go get it tomorrow and add it.

The table looks awesome.sauce.

In my opinion.

Would you try something like this?  I now want to paint and stain whatever I can find.  LOL!  I have identified the next piece I'm going to do and I am super-dooper excited about it!  I've found the chairs I want to use but not the bench so I might have to get it made. 

I want to use coordinating seat cushions and Sheffield valances in the space so that will be cool!  Buying new furniture made out of real wood can set you back a grip since the days of MDF being easy and much cheaper options.  I don't like MDF.  I'm a grownup.  I want my furniture to be made out of real wood.  So...either I'm going to have to upcycle old pieces or  spend ridiculous (to me) amounts of money to get good quality products.  With a little elbow grease and some vision...I'm pretty excited about the prospects ahead of me now that I know I can do this.  I know what my next two projects are going to be and Shelly has me penciled in to do something for her, but my project after that is a guest bedroom where I want to do two twin beds with an American flag motif.  

I'm all excited and whatnot and so is The Robinator.  Dude keeps passing by the table marveling that we only paid $50 for it.  LOL!  I love that.