Show Us The Middle...Why I love the Show "Atlanta"

I like to know what happens in the middle. Started from the bottom and now we're here? What happened in the middle? I bet that middle is interesting as hell. I bet I will learn a LOT from that middle. I bet that middle looks a lot like MY middle.

That's my major problem with movies and shows about slavery in 2016. We don't have enough of the middle out there. We don't have enough of the building blocks to where many Blacks are now. So you skip over that entire middle and take people either BACK to slavery or straight to Louboutins, expensive weaves and big houses on the hill? Where is the middle? People need to see the middle.

Show people the struggles in the middle so they know they aren't out there dealing with this stuff on their own. Let people see how other folks dealt with the same ISSUES in the middle of all their other everyday issues and balanced them out. The middle can be a rocky azz road. That "pretty" part is hard to come by. More people need to see THE MIDDLE.

Folks walking around looking at the Louboutin life feeling bad about their life because nobody showed them that the meal of Spring Vegetable Ramon with a fried egg on the side used to be a staple IN THE MIDDLE for far more than just them.

Music, television, and film these days, catering to people who look like me, leaves the middle out completely so these kids get disappointed with their life because they never see THE MIDDLE. They think they are supposed to just jump up and have the Louboutin life and when they find out that a pair of Louboutins cost more than they are bringing home in a month from their hourly job...that disappointment sinks deep. It changes the fabric of their get up and go. They start thinking that it's s imply too hard to get there because THEY NEVER GET TO SEE THE MIDDLE.

And poor White people just don't get a break at all. They see Whites on television living the good life but nobody tells them how they get out of poverty. They start wondering WTF? Why "ain't" I upper middle class successful? All these other people I see on television are. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE TOO RIGHT? Poor Whites in entertainment are always stuck out spitting tobacco posting private property signs in their yards which don't have grass in a sea of abandoned pickup trucks. Nobody shows them THE MIDDLE either.  So they stay mad all the damn time.

Yeah...THE MIDDLE is important. Don't forget that. A lot of shit goes on in THE MIDDLE which looks JUST.LIKE.YOUR.SHIT. 

You got what it takes. Don't let the entertainment interests of a few greenlighters make you think you don't need to know THE MIDDLE.


Game of Thrones Finale Recap - The Damn Ginas

This preacher/sparrow whatever he is needs to go.  He's doing the most.  He just carved Loras' head like that in front of people?  DAMN GINA! That's that bull. Margaery you should have known you couldn't trust him.

This jacket Cersei is rocking is killing the game.  I want two of them.  "I choose violence."  That is one of the best lines from the season.  I'm not a fan of Cersei but I want her to wreak havoc on that religious goon.  That dude gives me the heebie geebies.

So you send old boy to get Cersei WITHOUT AN ARMY?????????  She already told yall she chooses violence!  She ain't playing bruh!  Not with the mountain by her side and them dang children of the corn running around with knives and ish!

Now...yall know I love the kids but seriously...these kids have me side-eyeing all kids.  Stuff like this makes me turn my head and even then the sounds are just gross. They messed Pycelle up!  DAMN GINA!

Wait...where did that kid jab that dude?  


Dear HBO...your HBO Now app sucks.  Seriously.  Rewinding is a crazy chore.  

Oooooooooh!  That green fire stuff Tyrion used that time!  DAAAAAAAAAYUM GINA!  THEY GOT BLOWED THE HECK UP!

Bye Margaery.


But wait...why is she wasting the wine though?  That's not called for.  This faux-nun chick is a goner.  This outfit Cersei is rocking is so amazing and she is telling it all!

Oh mercy on Unella's soul.  "Shame.  Shame.  Shame." DAMN GINA!

The little king is next.  I  hope his mother is gentle with him.  

Well...and then there's that.  Yet another DAMN GINA!

Jamie wants to be a good guy soooooooooo badly but all his dirt can't get him over the hump.  I can't stand the Frey's ever since the Red Wedding.  That level of treachery is just...NO.  Jamie just put him on notice.

Cersei has lost all of her babies now huh?  

HEY SAM!  I love Sam.  I liked when he snatched his sword off that wall too.  That baby is super cute.  SUPER.CUTE.  Dude couldn't get his butt up an inch?

And here is my reason.  Jon Snow.  I love him so.  That red chick though?  No.  That time she took off that necklace I was like...DAAAAAAYYYYYUUUUUMMMMM GINA...I need one of those!

Uh oh.  Gigs up!  Now they know she burned Princess Shireen at the stake.  Alive.  Davos is gonna kill her azz one day fo' sho' behind that.

I like Jon and Sansa together again but I don't forget how Sansa used to be when she was a girl in King's Landing.  She wasn't 'bout that family life and was steadily trying to come up and screwed her family big time.  That said...I don't trust her.  Wait until Arya shows up.  Arya will know her for true.

White raven.  Winter is here.

These Dorne women?  The Sand Snakes?  NO.JOKE.  Matter of fact...most of what I love about Game of Thrones is how the women are warriors too.  They don't play.  I like that.  But I also like Lady What's-Her-Face smacking them around with Elder talk too.  LOL!

Ooooh!  Hey Varys.  Gotta wonder what the what when he shows up.

HEY DANY!  HEY BOO!  Dany my blonde boo.  I can't believe she doesn't burn in the desert sun as pale as her skin is.  Now look...ya boy better listen and do as Dany says.  She doesn't answer to you boo!  You ain't going and that's final!

Awwwwwww...I love how Tyrion is so good for her and now?  He's the Hand of the Queen!!!!!!!!!!!

But is Tyrion about to cry though?  Yall know he's my favorite right?  RIGHT.  He brings me ALL.THE.JOY.ALL.THE.TIME.  In the books he is the most perfect of snarky smartazzes.  LOVE.HIM!

Frey is about to die.  Right?  What the hell???????? They fed him his sons in a pie?  ARYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DAMN GINA!  ARYA FOR THE REVENGE WIN!!!!!  YOU KILLED MY BROTHER AND MY MOTHER AND I FED YOU YOUR SONS AND SLIT YOUR THROAT!!!!!!  YEAH BOY!  You killed her people after you gave them bread and salt and they thought they were protected guests and baaaaaby!  She baked a focaccia outta your sons!  DAMN GINA!  I will never be able to have focaccia again without thinking of Arya Stark! 


Littlefinger BEEN wanting Sansa but how creepy is it that he was once in love with her mother?  I mean come on man...Sansa is about to come into her own WITHOUT.A.MAN who gave her to Ramsay.

Uncle you gonna leave Bran in the woods with just a young lady and a tree with blood eye slits?  



We finally have the proof of it all.  If only Katelyn had known that too. 

Sansa doesn't like this Jon being King of the North thing much.  Told ya.  She ain't 'bout that family life.  She wants to be the prize/leader/top dawg.  That lil girl...Lady Mormant?  She deserves the Iron Throne.  Tomorrow.  She too fierce for words.  LOL!  And she has a crush on Jon.  LOL!

Cersei is on the throne.  That's all she's ever wanted.  And she got it.  (Queue Hillary in a pants suit.)

I want a dragon.  Not three.  I don't want to be greedy.  Just one. Those ships and dragons look so menacing!  I guess they got over that whole crossing water horses can't drink thingy huh?

Wait...that's it?  No scary all-White people with zombies?  A tree didn't gobble up Bran?  Melisandre didn't burn down Westeros?  That's it?  No more until there is more?

Well shit.

Carry on.


"The Wiz" LIVE!

Notice the blanket on the sofa and the pillows all the way over there?  Yeah...and yet...they STILL decided being on top of me while I watched "The Wiz" last night.  LOL!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!  it was so cute!  

I don't understand why there seems to be so many people who didn't like it. I thought it was GREAT! I mean...I watched the whole thing grin-t up big time. LOL! Just like a kid all over again and it gave me a really warm feeling. I think we needed this. We needed something light and magical. People be tripping.

My FAVORITE was Mary J.  She was so awesome!  I loved all the wardrobe and the sets were awesome too.  I enjoyed it so much I'm going to order the DVD so I can watch it without the breaks.

Did you watch it?  Did you enjoy it?  Oh...and yes...we all know there were waaaaaaaaaay too many commercials.  LOL!  NBC knew folks were going to tune in big time so they made ALL the money!  LOL!

SNL Skit with Louis C.K.: When you get what you asked for.

Full disclosure here.  I'm a Louis C.K. fan.  I think his show, "Louie", is genius.  I think he tackles things we are mostly uncomfortable discussing in a fresh way.  In a REAL way.  You know...that way you discuss them at home when you don't have to use knowing looks or hushed tones to discuss them because you know the heart of the person you're discussing them with.  See...we can discuss anything if we already KNOW the person we're discussing it with.  When we don't know the person, as we're forming our thoughts, we are constantly thinking about just where this person is coming from. know that.

Anyway...yeah...I'm a fan.

We missed SNL on Saturday night because we were out partying it up big time popping bottles and whatnot.

Okay...we were asleep.  Hell...we're old.  We can't stay up that long on a Saturday night anymore without planning.

So we watched on Sunday morning while eating late breakfast.  We were still trying to digest Louis C.K.'s opening monologue and watching silently.  I had a piece of bacon in my hand and was chewing.  When the above skit started...I stopped chewing.  BACON.  I stopped chewing bacon.  I stared at the television blinking and holding my bacon in my hand.  

I thought about another SNL skit with Louis C.K. in it that was basically a ripoff from the Dave Chappelle Show.  I thought when Dave did was brilliant but on SNL it made my eyes squint.

And it made me wonder if perhaps I'm bringing along with me a feeling of some kinda way because for decades...we've been wondering why there weren't more people of color on SNL and now...we have them so exploring politically incorrect and edgy comedy including Black people and ABOUT Black people is more likely to happen.  SNL is well known to be offensive to all right?

So what do you think?  What DID you think?  Did the new skit make you laugh?  Was it funny?  Was it uncomfortable to watch because you know people like the Sprint manager?  Was it funny because you know people like the Sprint manager?  What do you think, so far, of Leslie Jones on the show?

What did YOU think of his opening monologue?  Child molester "jokes" too much?

My Empire Finale Recap: Part 1 of 2

I didn't watch "Empire" with my favorite people last night because I was on a plane.  My flight didn't land until around 1:00 am so it was well into the two o'clock hour before I pulled up in the driveway.  I was tired as hell and got in the bed.  Then...I simply couldn't help myself...I checked Hulu and there they were...two shiny new episodes of my soap opera dream.  YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!

Hell yeah I watched it and loved it.  I adore this show for what the over the top nonsense means...PURE ENTERTAINMENT!  

You have to watch this show with a crew in order to get how entertaining it is.  My favorite people that I normally watch it with are honestly the funniest people on the planet.  Some of them need to write for Tina Fey.  LOL!  They are just that funny!  LOL!  Is the show all over the place?  Yes.  Are they running through plots fast as hell?  Yes.  Do they have a lot they need to tie up?  Yes.  Is  a lot of it superfantastical?  Yes.  BUT I LOVE IT SO FOR ALL OF THOSE REASONS!!!  ROFL!

So this morning I got up slow and low.  Exhausted.  And when I say this morning...I'm saying now...10:53am.  Okay...thirty minutes ago cuz I'm that kinda tired that hurts somehow even though you don't feel pain-pain.  Just achy, cranky, hazy, bloated face tired.

But I'm 'bout to watch it again friend!

Goals for today?  

Current situation:

So Lucious got the shakes again playing the piano.  Yall know I can't stand him right?  RIGHT.  Dude is evil personified and I was totally hoping he'd be the one who got killed.  

Becky:  You use your inside voice when you talk to Becky!

That was the first B'What??????????  LOL!

I like how Cookie just gives music advice with a baby on her hip.  

Becky knows where Cookie is cuz she was sweet on Sweetface too.  LOL!  

Poor Hakeem.  I feel sorry for that lil youngun.  

Lucious thinks he is bigger than life.  He wants to go out like a god. Lowercase.

Only Cookie would be in them boots in snow.  LOL!  ONLY.COOKIE!  And that coat and that bag.

"Let's build a snowman."

"Oooooh yeah but I'm not trying to do that."


Sweetface is SO.CUTE!  So glad that bunk part is out of his head now.  It is beautiful that she's only been with her the father of her children.  Unheard of these days.  Whose glad Sweetface's shirt had snap buttons?  LOL!  GET IT COOKIE!!!!!!!!  

Where'd man nurse come from?

Awww...Jamal a gay role model.  Nice.  

Cookie all booed up.  I never understood being booed up on the floor though.  I'm sorry...mattresses make everything better.

I could totally do without Snoop at all times.  

Empire's offices stay filled reporters and flowing likka.  I hate how Lucious talks to female reporters.  He is such a turd.  DID YALL SEE THAT MARIO VAN PEEBLES directed this?

Here Lucious go with that god mess again.  Lowercase.  Snoop jesus?  #BoyBye

Malcolm.  Berkshires.

Is Hakeem rocking a leather onesie with a vest?  WARDROBE!

Snoop on my screen.  Bathroom break while *YAWNING*

Dude in the gold hat on the drums is giving me LIFE!

I'm in this joint rewinding Hulu like it's a cassette in my boom box back in the day.

Hey yo they call me Keem, what’s poppin’ fellas? The way I spit it, I even make my daddy jealous. Yall think he got the power, whooo shame the devil, that poor fool can’t even keep his family together. They say that he the king, well I’m the prince, Imma run the empire and leave withcha B**. I’m gone.


Best acting in this episode goes to the dude standing next to Lucious during Hakeem's rap battle.  I love him.  He reacted just like I would if I was standing next to Lucious.  He should be famous TOMORROW!  Extra of the year!  Best non-verbal acting in ten seconds!  He's like...DAMN BRUH...YO SHIT STANK!  


If anybody knows that dude tell him I'm looking for him.  For real.  LOL!

Hakeem is going to snap.  His parents always hitting him and ish.  UGH.  

Hate Lucious even more now.  Hakeem spit on him.  Cold. can't leave Empire.  It's in your blood.

Them red leather chairs the brothers are sitting in talking about how dog dirty Lucious is?  ALL.OF.THAT.  Gimme them chairs.

Yall see how them guts got yanked when he realized Cookie was in the Berkshires with Sweetface Malcolm?  To quote my most non-hood framily, he "in his feelings" big time.  ROFL!

Porsha...a mess.

I like JHud with loose sleeves and pencil skirts past her knees.  And tights.  Good wardrobe decisions.

Andre 'bout to get him some holy juice.

That's exactly how me and Dr. Punkin would show up if I was Cookie.  Or if she was Cookie.  She's shorter than me.  Like Cookie is shorter than her sister, Carol.

Lucious is such a dick.  He mad for real!  

"Seventeen years Bitch!  Everybody waiting on you to die Lucious!"

That was cold too.  But I get it.

Andre is overnight saved.  

That dress Cookie is wearing?  Seriously?  GIMME THAT DRESS!

Cookie...go with Malcolm and make jams in Vermont...wait...wrong show....

Andre quitting.  Now we all know Rhonda is not going to let that happen.  She is going to end up running Empire in the third season.  Watch.  

Lucious and his god complex again talking about music is the voice of god.  Lowercase.

So Lucious has two sons that have no problem showing they hate him.  He has one left.  The gay one.


Ironical.  *GIGGLE*

Jamal is the most like Lucious than all of them.  He can hide his hatred as long as it serves his purpose.  Oh...Jamal is a monster. 

"Oh I get it.  You want me to throw your azz in the trashcan again."  Yall...I for real hate him.  If I saw him in real life...I would call him out his name!  "At least you walk like a man."


This jam session was hot.  AFTER Jamal took over cuz um...Lucious...I mean...Quentin.  Cuz yall KNOW whenever he has a guitar in his hands he is straight QUENTIN!  (WHEN QUENTIN THREW THAT PHONE THO'!!!!!)

I couldn't shoot someone point blank range.  The blood splatter on my face would take me out.

This full fuchsia fur Cookie is rocking?  Yes.  (Who else thinks Lucious and Carol got it on?  And yall see how Carol went fixed herself a drink while Cookie and Lucious were talking?  Yeah...she's been there before.)

So Jamal is Big Red now huh?  His office hours 9 to 5?

Anika 'nem get it on in open rooms with beads as a barrier?  Really?  Okay.  Can we talk about how nasty she is for sleeping with her two weeks ago fiance's lil boy?  And Hakeem?  That boy needs to be tested for STD's STAT!  He does the most with his lil young chest.  Him need bleach baths.

Imma be honest with you.  If a doctor told me I had something that was going to kill me and then came back months later bad?  SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

So now we have the Spike Lee camera moves mixed in with Al Pacino from "Devil's Advocate" as he realizes he's not dying.  Lucious on that heavyweight hate ego pill.

Now what Lucious did in that church house when JHud dared wear above the knee skirt...he wrong for that.  He so fake and evil.  Why would you keep hurting that child?  SERIOUSLY?

Poor Andre.

Why was Cookie in the house with Lucious?  I don't get this at all.

BUNKY!  He got his chain back from Hakeem.



Jamal is seriously his father's son.  Yall KNOW Lucious has gotten busy just like that on that desk before.  


There were four B'what moments, three Daaaaaaaaaaayums and four WHAT THE FUGS in this episode.  There wasn't enough Cookie in this episode and I want my Sweetface back.

Whatchall got?    Who do you watch it with?  Who do you immediately call during commercials and when it's over?  LOL!  Me?  T-Rhonda.  Even though she straight TORTURED me last night!  LOL!


"Empire" Questions

I watched The Cookie Show again this morning and then turned on some music.  Seemed fitting that Jazzmine Sullivan's "Forever Doesn't Last Too Long" because that's what I was thinking.  Forever sure in the hell doesn't last too long anymore.

My thoughts on Lucious?  That dude has the type of issues I wouldn't want to be anywhere around.  Watching Cookie fall out of love with him has been eye opening to say the least.  See...had he not divorced her while she was in jail, she never would have.  She would have stayed married to him like Whitney and Bobby and being around that level of ugly on a regular basis would have surely turned her into a Cookie we wouldn't like.

Cookie is, above all else, a mother.  And she has shown that time and time again.  She will put her kids first no matter what and realizing what Lucious subjected them to while she was locked up has awakened her into a MAJOR MAMA BEAR.  

Sure, she's a woman and she has needs so I'm really wondering if Lucious asks her to marry him again, will she?  I mean...sure...she is digging Sweetface big time but she's a smart businesswoman and knows that Lucious is dying so if she marrieds him then she doesn't have to worry about anyone taking Empire away from her and her kids.

Lucious is so germy to me.  I don't like him at all.  Dude is the worst-er-est.


1.  Do you think Lucious was lying about the baby?

2.  Do you think he will still ask Cookie to marry him?  Do you think she'll say yes?

3.  Do you think Cookie will accept that bipolar disorder is very real and her son has it?

4.  Do you think Lucious and Vernon are going to have a for real show down?

5.  What do you LIKE about Lucious?

6.  Besides Cookie...who is your favorite character and why?

7.  Will they ever find out what Boo Boo Kitty did to Elle?

8.  Lucious has offended each of his sons beyond reason.  Do yall think they are going to mount up and be done with him lead by Jamal and take over the company?  

9.  Were you surprised at how Andre's wife went in on Lucious about those shares?

10.  Who do YOU think should run the company?

Lucious and THE GAY AGENDA

The morning after the last episode of "Empire" I fell down a rabbit hole following links while reading recaps.  (I enjoy reading what others say about the show when they have a good voice.  LOL!)  I kept falling and falling tumbling head over heels until I landed on an extremely precarious ledge watching a YouTube video with 4 Black men sitting around in old school Black power meeting fashions discussing the show.  Like...I had to *BLINK* and get my mind right because what I was seeing looked as if it was from 1969...but they were discussing a show from 2015...that was on just last night.

Moving on...

The main guy began to say just how dangerous the show is to Black people because of how it is pushing the gay agenda on us and how the gay agenda is a major contributor of the downfall of the Black family and community.

I put my hand up on the slippery wall behind me from the ledge I was standing on...feeling the ledge crumble under me as I scrambled to get the hell up outta there.  I closed my eyes to the daishikis and caps without bills and pulled myself up.  Along the way, I clicked on another video with a young man who, I'm sorry to say, LOOKED gay and SPOKE gay (I know that sounds horrible...but hey...he did) pretty much saying some of the same things.

And I was puzzled.

When my head cleared the dankness of that hole and I started breathing clean air made me start thinking of this GAY AGENDA.

I have gay family, framily and friends.  We all do if we're honest with ourselves.  I'm pretty close to many of them and we share our life. I thought about what their agenda seems to be when I'm talking to or being with them and I'll be honest when I say...such conversation never comes up.  Maybe because we're all comfortable being ourselves with each other.  But again...maybe because THE GAY AGENDA is pretty much just having the same things we straight people take for granted.  If that is THE GAY  No biggie.  You want to love who you want to love, you want to not be discriminated against, you don't want to be targeted violently by hateful azz people, you want your spouse to have the same benefits as that of a straight couple spouse, you don't want to suffer the pain of being ousted from your spouse's hospital room on their deathbed by their "legal" next of kin who believes your love is immoral.

Seems pretty basic to me.

But the way those men sitting around the table were discussing THE GAY was as if they saw something I never considered.  Some evil, banal part of being gay that exists on the other side of acceptance.  Like...the world would never, ever be the same good that many of us believe it to be, again...if gay people

I mean...we can all agree that gay people exist right?  I'd hope so.  I mean brainer there.  What are WE supposed to do with them if we aren't supposed to accept them?  And who are we to even think we have a choice in if they get to be gay or not?

I stopped thinking about it because those types of conversations always bother me.  I moved on with my week.  

A conversation lead me right back to thinking about it recently when someone whose opinion I respect shared with me that they believe homosexuality was a sin.  I'd never heard this person actually say this out loud before so it stopped me.  I have a tendency of having selective memory when it comes to those I love so hey...maybe they've shared this before and I just choose to skip on past it and subconsciously knew to never bring it up in conversation with them again so I could keep my level of respect of their opinion intact.  The conversation wasn't contentious.  I shared that I didn't believe it was a sin stating that the Ten Commandments were pretty clear as to what is considered a sin and well...homosexuality isn't listed.  The person is a good debater so they stated their belief didn't come from a place of hate and that they accepted that gay people existed but yes it is a sin.

And I struggled to put together the connection of the conversation we started with to where we were.

Knowing me as I do...I decided it was time to end the conversation.  I simply didn't want to discuss it any longer and got off the phone.  I was disappointed in the person and, my not being able to continue to discuss it with them, disappointed them in me.

"Sometimes we get disappointed."

When my husband came home from the golf course, I was still feeling some kinda way and I discussed it with him.  He shared with me that I'd probably be really surprised at how many people we knew actually felt the same.

And I wanted to know for sure so I sent out a text message to the people I'd recently spoken to via text that asked:

YES OR NO QUESTION:  Do you believe homosexuality is a sin?

The answers started coming back immediately and I was shocked at the responses but I did note a few patterns and some things that really stood out.

1.  Those I was the closest to, and interacted with daily, did not think it was a sin.

2.  ALL the Black men (except for one) thought it was a sin.

3.  ALL the White people did NOT think it was a sin.

4.  The most Catholic Black woman I know did NOT think it was a sin.

5.  Only ONE Black woman who said yes answered with one word.  The rest who said yes, felt the need to explain their belief.

The most shocking person to me was an Elder Black man who I straight up thought was going to say yes.  His answer?  "No it's not sin...but it's nasty and I'm eating.  Get off my phone."  The more I thought about it however, and thought about him and how he lives his life...I should have expected him to respond in that exact way cuz he's a trip and he's the happiest man I know.

The exercise made me realize that there are no precursors for being yes or no on this issue but...if you're a Black are probably going to believe it's  sin.  

I remembered in that rabbit hole, one of the "panel" members saying he understood Lucious not wanting his son to be gay and how Lucious wanting his son to be a MAN was admirable.  I remembered thinking...Lucious killed his best friend at point blank range.  He then stood up in the church house at his funeral and spoke.  Lucious has killed countless other people and might drop Anika in that same river this week.  Lucious cheats, sold drugs to his community to get his family out of the hood and let his wife go to jail for 17 years while he lived high on the hog she laid at his feet.'re comfortable aligning yourself with the way Lucious thinks.  Lucious clearly thinks he is God and owns the power to decide who should live and whom shouldn't live and HOW they should live.  

Saints and sinners.

It all just made me think.  My mind all over the place knowing the church's stance on this matter is one of the main reasons why I stay out of the church.  Especially Catholic churches.  One of the most poignant text conversations I had was with someone who doesn't believe it is a sin but still grappling with their "Catholic guilt" over the issue.  She stated...

If they are Catholic, they are “supposed” to believe it is a sin. But they can still embrace that person. “Love the sinner, not the sin.” But, for me (and this probably makes me a bad Catholic) I believe, since we all are already “sinners”, according to Catholicism, that the real sins are the ones that hurt someone else. I, personally don’t feel that homosexuality truly hurts other people, unless it is someone who is a [Catholic] homosexual and feels so conflicted inside as to hate themselves because they do not want to be that way.

To which I responded...

One of the major reasons why I fell out with the Catholic church early on. I believe they took that hard lined stance forever ago because they wanted to add additional guilt to priests contemplating or CURRENTLY raping little boys.

And...we moved on as we do.  We'll probably never discuss this issue again.  I was simply wondering.

Surprisingly I was only disappointed in the response from the initial person I was talking to and I guess I need to deal with that.  It's probably because I respect pretty much everything about them so maybe I'd put my own feelings onto what I thought they felt about this issue too.  Like...taken for granted it was something we'd agree on and didn't have to THINK about.  

But again...I have selective memory when it comes to those I love.  You have to right?  We all do.  When we love someone...our mind justifies our love and creates blank spaces when necessary.

Again...this was simply a personal exercise for me.  It didn't change anything.  I just wanted to know and's not something I discuss on a regular with people I don't interact with daily.  There is so much more that could be said, of course, like another conversation about the deadly sins and if those are sins against God or against man and if sins against man are the same as SINS. So much that is up to personal interpretation.  

And so much personal interpretation of things which don't affect many of us end up affecting those who are living that life.    

So...I'll ask you the same:

YES OR NO QUESTION:  Do you believe homosexuality is a sin?  Do you ever discuss this topic with people?  

Link to AudioBlog of this post:  Lucious and THE GAY AGENDA

Empire Questions

Good morning!!!!!  I'm re-watching The Cookie Show.  I feel like I mighta, coulda missed something so just in case.  I'm still shook behind that ending and the preview of next week's episode though.  #StillShook  

And yall...just betwix me and you...Andre do crazy too well for me.  If I met him in real life I'd smile and wave from a distance.  Keeping it moving.  LOL!


1.  Do yall think Lucious is going to leave Ughmo and get back with Cookie?

2.  Is it wrong for them to do what they did?  He's engaged!  But they never stopped loving each other right?  

3.  How do you feel about Ughmo (Anika) now that she didn't burst up in there swanging on folks?  Think she really loves Lucious?  Or does she really love Empire?

4.  Yall think Andre is going to swing on Vernon for not telling him about his daddy?

5.  #TeamCookie or #TeamAnika?


#TeamAmber or #TeamKhloe? <-----------BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Live Blogging #BeingMaryJane

I'm live blogging tonight's episode.  

WARNING...I didn't watch the last few episodes of season 1 because well...I just don't LIKE Mary Jane.  Not the show...but the character.  So...I watched the first episode of season 2 because my girls did and the entire time my face was completely screwed up.  I.DON'T.LIKE.THAT.CHICK!  Why she always messing with somebody else's man hell?  Trifling shit is NOT.COOL!

And his stankin azz.  UGH!  I can't stand his stankin azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'ve been warned.  I don't like Mary Jane but I'm watching and live blogging.  

It will prolly be horrible.  My commentary that is.  Not the show.

I love that they show her with her hair tied up.  

Um...why is David looking shirtlessly gorgeous in the kitchen cooking breakfast?  Is she dreaming?  She's prolly dreaming.  I hope she's dreaming.  Why is all that ish on her counters?  How does she have room to cook?  That view though...YES!  

Oops...BABY!  hey Andre!  


And her damn hair isn't wrapped.  I guess you can do that with weave.

Wait...she pissed in the bed again?  Girl you need Depends.

Niecy gotta go.  But her makeup is FLAW.LESS!  GO NIECY!

Lemme tell yall 'bout this wine I'm partaking...DE.LI.COUS.  I don't even know the name.  Bought it at Whole Foods. Niecy's daddy.  Not like he can do anything though.  Doesn't he live with his mama 'nem too?  When my siblings ignore my texts...I get RAW.  Ask them.  LOL!  I WILL NOT BE IGNORED DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now...she wouldn't have burnt up my pot.  But none of my pots look brand new either.

I COOKS! her borther doesn't live with his parents?  Send his azz back to their parents and put Niecy and them chirren up at his apartment.  SOLUTION!

Mary Jane only has empathy for her own people it seems.  And not really even then.  

So this baby is a prostitute?  *sigh*  I hate that.  

I have two of those bracelets Mary Jane has on.  Well, one.  One went missing.  

I don't understand why those babies don't call somebody either.  But hey...


The Game still comes on?  Well alright now.  

I hate the name Chardonnay.  AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!


Can we talk about weave for like two seconds?  Her weave is nice.  I've never really seen her with a bad weave.  How much does a weave like that cost?  

Love that she is working with girls.  


She's going meet Polly at the Pancake House.  That's IHop for the rest of us.

I feel her about those girls.  Teenage girls are evil.  Me not a fan.  I'd rather they be 0 - 10 or 22 and up.  

I have that Halo dress the producer chick is rocking.

Folks still pretending to not be gay need to stop hell.  I mean really.  Be you and let the chips fall as they may.  

Did I tell you about this wine yet that I don't know the name of?????  DELICIOUS!  And I still can't find the name of it.  Yall don't believe me I know but just ait until I show you the pic.  No name.

So what does he do with the boyfriend when mommy and daddy come-a-calling?  Does he stay in the back?  I guess so huh? he outside?  Maaaaaaaaan screw that...wouldn't be me gay and locked out.  I'd be the gayest of gay!


Did anybody see that movie "Addicted?"  How was it?  I think I might download it to watch on the plane just because Boris is one of my in-my-head boyfriends.  Don't tell The Robinator.  I saw him in person on the sidewalk in DC once and he was GORGEOUS!  Years later I met him in real life and I swear fo' goodness I couldn't keep up talking to him.  My thoughts and my conversation didn't go together so I just blubbered.  Crazy I know.  Him pretty.

Them chirren don't need to go see the new JLo movie.  That movie is NOT for chirren.

I need to wear that dress again soon.  I'd like to be fly too.  

Drinking on the job is funny.

In my next house Imma get a sectional.  Super deep.  Not loose pillow back though.  I hate loose pillow back.  His mother is about to shut this down.  LOL!  

S. Epatha is not about this lying life Mark!

We should start hearing Mark's heartbeat in 5...4...3...

Why do they need to open another bottle?  They haven't finished the wine in the glasses they have now.  I don't believe in wasting wine.

MARK...YOU'RE GAY HELL!  JUST TELL 'EM HELL!  Your mama is being real with you!  


Aw lawd...the Black father and his gay son talk.  o_0

Let it go people exist.  Oh...wait...he's mad about him lying (literally up your azz) and he should be.  Stop all that lying hell.  Mark cute though.  Freckles look good on him.  

Mary Jane...shut up.

Daddy hurt.  But he's a homophobe.  But he's his father.  Lawd...I'm so confused.  I need water.  My brain is squozen dry.  All this fussing while everyone sitting down though is refreshing.  In my family...that table woulda been flipped by now.  

Speaking of family...Robby says I have a package at my house from my Uncle filled with pictures.  CAN'T.WAIT.TO.GET.HOME!

She seeing David everywhere now huh?  He's haunting her?  Funny.

Hey Polly!

I don't understand why Polly doesn't call her people.


So...people get drunk at work with red cups?  *BLINK*

I'm 'bout to hit her with a #GirlBye too.

Remember when people were saying that the lines on red cups meant something?

That dude looks weird.  Like he'd wear her skin as a bathrobe or some ish.

If any of yall getting lit up at work and you don't work in marketing for an alcohol company...Imma fight yall.  For real though.

I'm mad she doesn't date her people intentionally.  I mean...that's just RACIST!

This baby Polly makes me sad.

Again...the weave.  How much does that cost????????????  Imma get me some weave and give my hair a rest.  I worry if I could have my hair all braided up though.  Yall know I have issues.

Polly:  SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Um...Mary Jane...leave them people be.  You 'bout to get shot up.  Polly needs to call her people.  You gotta take care of Niecy 'nem.



That poor baby is cute.

I knew Eric/Erik was going to bail.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

So is he gonna be a used-to-be-gay?

So drinking at work is a thing now?  I might still be in corporate America if that was the case back in the day.  LOL!

MJ's makeup is so nice now.  I've been playing around with makeup these days.  I think Imma go buy a bunch of lip colors this weekend.  Or, at least, order them.  I have one of those Nordstrom kits with all the colors for eyes, blush and lips but I hardly ever use it.  I've been doing a bit better with  it though.  

See?  Me cute.  I made it my FB profile pic.  And Tweeter.  Hell...I might print it out and walk around with it taped to my forehead cuz we ALL KNOW I can't keep that up daily. look now?  Nothing cute about it 'cept my pajamas.  They have sock monkeys on them.  GO ME!!!!!

Well...maybe I picked the wrong one to live blog.  LOL!  She wasn't super dooper trifling this episode.  Need more of this please!

What did YOU think?

Scandal: Where's the Black Lady

Girl...yo daddy told you!!!!!!!!!

I missed "Scandal" last night because I was out having BIG, BIG FUN so I'm currently sitting on the sofa watching it.  I missed watching it with my absolute FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD though.

Secret Service just burst in talking some Vice President said this and that so we're going to "support" you.  Basically letting him know that private eyes are watching you...watching your every move....oh baby private eyes...watching you...watching your every move...

Lawd...poor Fitz looks bad.  He's in with his whipping boy AKA Melly.  You know whenever he's dealing with something he takes it out on her.   Oh shit...she dimed herself out about sleeping with the VP.  These people a mess!  They are trying to be like the Underwoods.  There is only one Frank and Claire baby and they'll be BACK FEBRUARY TWENTY SEVENTH!!!!!!!!

Andrew has a good head of hair.  Warmongers generally do.

Olivia's hair is authentic.  Big hair, don't care.

Her nails still on point though.  

Now Fitz...Imma need you to take that jump drive to Huck mmmkay?  Them White House people are NOT on your side.  Just tip on down to Cyrus' office and tell him to give it to Huck.  Huck will tear ish up looking for Olivia.


Oh...VP Good Hair straight rouge.  Yall don't know any better.

Hey Tom!  

Oh...Tom went straight crazy in solitary huh?  

You can't trust anyone in the White House Fitz.  

Olivia's house ain't safe hell.  That's where they snatched her.  Okay...thumb drive to Jake.  Olivia's luhvah's are on it.  Jake took where it needed to be taken.  That glass is a sign right?

REFLECTION IN GLASS!!!!!!  GET IT OLIVIA!  GET.IT.OLIVIA!  Okay...whatever Huck just that.  YES!

"President or not he's just a man."  Well...and then there's that.  

I hope Olivia Papa Pope's old dude's azz when Huck gets her out cuz Huck going get Olivia.  I feel it in my fingers...I feel it in my toes...Christmas is all around us...wait...sorry...moving on...




UM...CYRUS?  Wait...Cyrus has those good instincts and now he has Red thinking.  But wait...why break the mug though?

Well...Huck going skin Portia alive most likely.


He brought the tool box.  Don't hurt the child Huck.  That isn't the answer.  I don't like that.  But you can snatch Porsha's teeth.  Not a problem.

TELL MELLY DUDE!!!!!  Melly can get to Andrew.

I hate when he talks about Olivia to his wife.  Stankin' azz.

VP Good Hair is going down-t.  All the men have a good head of hair though.  

I think Melly is our wild card here.  I think Melly can stab her.  


Ooooh!  Yjr omyrtmry eo;; yto[ upi i[ rbrtu/domh;r/yo,r/

Oops...fingers were on wrong keys.  ROFL!  I meant...Oooooooh!  The internet will trip you up every.single.time!!!!!


Figure out some kinda way to tell Cyrus.  But he thinks he can't trust Cyrus either since he's in the White House right?

Papa Pope needs to come home hell.  Or Mama Pope.  Any of them Popes.  Know how we have one cousin who straight WrecksItRalph?  All her cousins prolly bad azz.  They prolly hold their family reunion in a boxing gym.  Instead of slinging bones they do mixed martial arts competitions from Granny on...

HOLY SHIT HUCK!  He stripped her azz raw!  Sheesh! 

Melly = Wild Card.  Watch and see.  In their twisted way...they all love each other for real. 

So Cyrus finally read the file huh?

Olivia...ask for one of those Dickie's jumpsuits.  I've always wanted one.  Flannel lined.  I don't know why.  Odd I know.

Olivia is playing this dude Olivia style.  She's killed once and now she's dangerous.  I just hope she remembers to keep holding the gun after she kills next time cuz really...this kidnapping could have been over by now had she saved that gun and wet his chest.  (I love talking thugish.  ROFL!)


Told yall Melly was the Wild Card!  Well...yall knew that already.  I'm the one watching late.  I hate yall for watching without me.  Yall are NOT my friends anymore.

Til next week.  GO.ME!

Jake go get your woman!  Well...yall woman.  JAKE DEA!  YES!

But she's not there.  She was too damn smart for her own good.  Had she stayed there instead of getting in old boy's head...Jake could have been carrying her out by now and we could all be swooning.  About Jake.  From State Farm.

Auctioning the Black lady.  

But I just had a thought...what if Papa Pope is behind the VP Good Hair??????  Yall know Roman likes to be the puppet master.  Hmmmmmmmm!


Blogging While Watching "Empire"

I can't type when Cookie is on the television.  She seriously mesmerizes me so I have to keep rewinding.

Akeem (or is it Hakeem), the Prince of Zamunda, brings me joy.  He honestly has no fugs to give.  He just wants someone to do the songs, tell him what to rap, and then get up in front of a camera and rap them.  That lil boy isn't hungry.

HERE COMES COOKIE!  Busting in with Precious following as always.  (I'm going to HAVE to call that woman by her real name.  This is getting disrespectful.)

Cookie:  Lemme tell you what I want!

Why is the assistant giving out dead people's SS #'s?  I bet she used to get a crazy check.  Love her hair.

Prince Zamunda had better stopped trying his mama in front of people.

Boo Boo better watch her back.  At least she's wearing her pearls right this episode.  When she had the bottom of them peaking out of that dress the other time I rolled my eyes clean out my head.  Oh...and they're too long.


LOVING Taraji's hair! (My hair currently?  Lawd...the flu laughs at vanity.  LOL!)

Lil Tiana is super cute.  Love her hair too.  Not loving the scallop skirt.

Lucious loves Precious.  They are super close.  I bet show knows all his secrets.  I hope we see her life outside of the office.  

Aw lawd...Titan shooting and whatnot???????????

I hate dark bathrooms.  Could be hiding all kinds of wet germs.

How'd he think he was going to hide that from his wife?  If Robby told me some ish like that weeks after he knew I'd gut him right then and there.  

Aw lawd...Cookie in Boo Boo's meeting.  Love Boo Boo's dress.

Lucious and Boo Boo couldn't have this conversation at home?  

"Poaching a jail thug."  ROFL!

Lucious and Cookie put the eam in team.  LOL!

I don't like the way Lucious goes in on Jamal though.  That's so disgusting to me.  That's your child dude.

Cookie covered her head.  YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!  #Respect

Andre been saving his father's behind since way, way back huh?  

Boo Boo Kitty 'nem with the play cousins.  Cookie with the mama.  LOL!  COOKIE.IS.BOSS!

Lucious stay strapped.  Diving on the floor Berretti style pulling out his gat!  I had to rewind to see how he pulled that off!

I want Cookie and Lucious to get back together.  LOL!

Wait, what?  The Nation killed his father?  

This red dress Cookie rocking?  LOVE!

Lucious is trying to do right by Hakeem.

Jamal is better than me.  I'd never go see Lucious but...I'D ALWAYS TAKE THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

Why they old azzes in the club?  Seriously?  

"Baby you like fruit?"  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

LOVE how Taraji does that "Elder lean" when she starts talking about the good old days.  They all do that.  I'll probably start doing it next week.

This Naomi thing is too weird.  Me no likey.  How old is this lil boy in real life?  Although...Naomi straight stunting still.  


Tiana 'bout her money.  That can be a good thing.  AND...and a bad thing.

Imma need Jamal to not do too much alley traveling at night.  All that money makes you soft.  

Is he wearing a skirt rapping?  Like Yeezy?

Lucious stay writing checks.

Cookie needs to beat the Prince of Zamunda with another broom.  Has his father truly never told him what went down?


Cookie:  I make you better.  Don't forget that.

Lucious:  Thank you baby.

Cookie:  Baby?  You might want to clear that with Anika.

Lucious:  Okay...Baby Mama.


What can I say?  I love Cookie man.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!



I tried to watch "Empire" twice before I forced myself to sit still and watch it for real.  The first episode was pilot-ish and we all know how pilots can go but I hung in there.  I was scared about Cookie because I really didn't want Taraji's talent to go wasted by being the stereotypical Black mama from the hood.  When she grabbed that broom...I was like...AW...LAWD...HERE WE GO.

By the second episode when Porsha was introduced, I started seeing all of the nuances that I love about Taraji's range.  She's angry, loving, motherly, bitchy, bossy, strong, tough, weak, heartbroken, hopeful, et al.


Yall know Lee Daniels is gay right?  Well...if you didn't...he's going to always make sure you know.  Jamal being gay and the struggle with his father because of him being gay and his father's refusal to accept him as he is is a bit much for me...but I know it happens exactly like that sometimes.  I mean hell...his mother would fight for him and she still calls him names behind his back.  I wonder if that ish goes down like that still in 2015?  I seriously hope not cuz trying to throw that baby away like that broke my heart.

The younger son is an extremely talented actor unless that's his for real personality.  I mean...he has that character DOWN-T!  I love his voice and the music!  Oh...the music has me about to ask Mr. Google where I can find it!

The Obama stuff got the side eye from me but I get it.

I guess.

And man...are these people racist.  They say some serious racist ish and don't think twice about it.

The bi-polar older son and his wife?  Oh...that's gonna play out intensely I'm sure.  She seems to be type who understands the phrase, "By any means necessary."

Quinton (yall know who Quinton is so don't act like it) is being him.  Even faced with death...he isn't about to deal with any disrespect from anyone except his wife cuz um...she took her clothes off to prance in front of his ex-wife and yeah...that was disrespectful.  

Cookie is going to get her soon, soon and very soon.  I see it coming.  It's going to go down Alexis and Crystal Carrington style and you know this MAN!!!!!

That elevator scene was SO.TENSE and perfect.  LOVED.THAT!

I sure wish I could see that young lady as anything other than Precious.  *sigh*  I need to do better in life I know.

Are you watching?  What do you think so far?  Are you enjoying it?  Were you worried in the beginning?

Are you here for Cookie?

We Finally Found the BEST Digital Antenna and Cut the Cable Cord!

It should be noted that we would have probably never taken the leap had we not moved. Just keeping it real.

The Robinator and I moved into our temporary digs and only set up the internet.  We decided that we'd finally, FINALLY cut the cord to cable!  I was excited because paying for a crapload of channels we don't watch really irked me greatly so I've been wanting to do this for over two years now.  Robby, on the other hand, found it difficult to let go of his total access to all sports all the time.  Because of this, I didn't think he'd ever go for it even though month-after-month paying that $250 Verizon Fios bill really annoyed him too.

But pay it we did.

We only have two televisions with us.  One in the living room and one in our bedroom.  

The one in the living room is a smart tv so it already had apps set up we could use when connected to the internet.  The bedroom tv isn't a smart tv so we use our Chromecast to watch television on it for now.  I'm going to buy an antenna for it too since I now know the best one to get.

The apps we use on our living room television are Netflix, HuluPlus, CNBC, Time, USA Today, BBC News, and Pandora.  We have more but those are the ones we use mostly.  

Now...the problem was network television and well...I need my "Scandal."  I could watch "Blackish" the next day, but I enjoy watching Olivia Pope while interacting online with our awesome group!  GO US!  So...I tried 4 different digital antennas to see which one would get ALL the DTV network channels available.  Seriously...I kept buying and returning them.  One I got 0 channels.  Seriously.  Nada.  LOL!  The next one, I got 6 channels but not ABC.  The next I got 7 channels but not CBS (I love CBS Sunday Morning.) and the next one, after scouring the internets for advice and reviews, I got 26 channels!  TWENTY SIX!  And that includes all the major networks and a whole lot of other channels I've heard of and some local ones I've never heard of.  I'm currently sitting here watching Shanti Lowry on the Bounce TV station.  GO SHANTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She's my favorite.  LOL!

The antenna is pretty cool in that it's super thin.  The cord is really long so you can play around with placing it properly to get the best reception.  Apparently you can paint over it so that it can blend in with the wall but I don't want to do that.  I hate the cord and am trying to hide it as much as possible but hey...I can only do so much now.  I'm considering moving it behind the mirror above the mantle so we can't see it but I'd still have to deal with the cord issue.  Needless to say...this battle might not be won.  I'm hoping that once I finish decorating the wall behind the television and the will be much less obvious.

We are EXTREMELY happy with our decision to finally not be cable's witch with a b.  I was soooooooooooooo sick of cable and the stuff on cable that it annoyed me beyond reason.  With all of the streaming options we have plus the new one we pre-ordered and are waiting for:

All total we've spent about $120 plus monthly fees for Netflix and HuluPlus which come to about $16 a month.  And honestly...we would have those even if we have cable because we enjoy bing watching shows together on the sofa.  I was going to get rid of Amazon Prime but I can't now since I'll be using Amazon Prime Pantry and Subscriptions for shopping more than ever now because of my current local limited shopping options.  So yeah...would have had that anyway too.  No matter what I'm spending's less than even one month of what I was paying Verizon Fios (it should be noted that we had a bundle, internet, phone and all the premium channels except the nekkid ones).

Let me know if you try out that antennae.  It's seriously a case of I tried 4 so you don't have to.  LOL!  Hope it helps you kick the cable habit too!