"Black-Ish" and Juneteenth #WeBuiltThis


The season opener of "Black-Ish" was all up in the face of history and I loved it.  History for Black America has always been a different version of history in the history books.  My birthday usually falls around Labor Day weekend but we always called it my birthday weekend because we knew that when the labor laws were put in place, they were only able to do so if they excluded Black people from benefitting too.  Black people weren't even allowed in the unions so the Black railroad pullmans had to start their own union and they got no respect.

You never read about that in the history books used to teach children.  You read this old watered down, nicey-nice version.

Check this out:  GTA book publisher accused of whitewashing Indigenous history

THAT'S what we're dealing with when it comes to history.  


How many parents do you think challenge or correct this?  And, of those who do...how many of them are not people of color?  Probably a very small margin so basically...you have a whole lot of people walking around doody doody do...glossing over all the violence and hatred of our history and wondering why people still mad because, according to what they know...THERE WAS AN AGREED UPON AGREEMENT and folks were smiling and ish shaking hands.


Last night on "Black-Ish" they went there with Columbus Day and it was so good.  So very, very good.  It was so good...they probably gonna get canceled soon.  You can't be that woke on the ABC without an end game for some folks.  It's like Kanye at the Katrina telethon...you already knew he wouldn't be included on ANY.OTHER.TELETHON.EVER.


You can't go around yelling...WE BUILT THIS even though you know we built this because other people claimed ownership and it's in the history books as such.  And hell...we were only slaves when WE BUILT THIS and we didn't start counting until the 1960s right?

Black history is so hard to come to terms with if you're a good person with a good heart because you're seriously confused as to how God-fearing people could honestly do the things they did to Black people.  We were used and abused and our contributions wiped out of the history books.  We built this but racists love to call Black people lazy. 

Black people have been stereotyped as lazy ever since we stopped working for free.

We all know that.

Juneteenth 2018 is going to be LIT!  Where we going?  What we doing?  You put in for your time off yet?  You should have done that first thing this morning.  Either took off or asked if you could swap it for old bogus fairytale driven Columbus day.  It's gonna be a celebration and I'm straight up having some hibiscus tea instead of strawberry soda since I don't drink soda.  And I want to dance!  I want to go somewhere and dance and celebrate!  

Yup...cuz WE BUILT THIS and we should be proud of our accomplishments the history books refuse to acknowledge.  Just because the books don't say it...doesn't mean it ain't so.

That was a good episode man.  Straight up must see teevee.  FOR EVERYONE.  It's time for American history to be inclusive and credit given where credit is truly due.  Nothing wrong with knowing the truth.  Nothing wrong with acknowledging what happened and how it happened.

It is time for some people to re-understand some things.