Randoms of a Creole Princess

I'm sick and have been since last Sunday.  I thought it was a bad head cold but it has traveled to my chest and has settled in for a visit it seems.  Iwas talking to an Elder today and he said to go to the doctor.

Then I was talking to another Elder not that long after that and he DEMANDED that I go to the doctor.

Lemme find out they tattling to each other.

I turned this into this today:

What?  Isn't that what you do when you're sick?

Robby says I wouldn't still be sick if I "sit your ass down somewhere and rest." but he's sick now too so I'm thinking he's just cranky.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for good measure.

I laughed so hard today I got into a choking fit and had to get off the phone when I was reminded of what I said about how I smelled when I tried to be all natural and use Tom's deodorant.

Me:  I smelled like garlic bread.

Maaaaaaaaaan look...I'm funny.

I saw some freaky looking ish tonight depicting Jesus. 

Imma say my prayers twice tonight.

Do other people who don't go to church still say their prayers like I do?  Hmmmmmmm...

I've been cooking dinner around lunch time lately.  Weird huh?

I just took some Nyquil about twenty minutes ago.  Imma sleep goooooooooooooooooood tonight!

Baby mama drama in our White House. Just crazy.

I fully expect to drop my new phone soon after reading a NYTimes alert.  They just get worse and worse-er.





I pray for Mueller to stay safe and remain on course every.single.night.

Someone asked me tonight if I eat enough.  I looked at her crazy because she'd be blown away at how much I eat.  LOL!  

The other day I stocked up on batteries.  Batteries ain't cheap.  But now we have a stash of every kind.

I just finished listening to an audiobook that someone suggested was one of the greatest love stories ever.


Old girl was a cheating azz ho who disrespected her husband and her marriage cuz she was too stoopit and jumped to all the wrong conclusions.

Folks gon' get tired of being too stoopit.

I think I want new kitchen chairs.  I'm weird like that.

I did something to my phone and no longer get text message notification sounds.  *sigh*  Doing too much.

I had like 13 texts yesterday just sitting there not realizing they'd come through.  

I started Christmas shopping already this year.

Okay...what's going on random with you?