Randoms of a Creole Princess

I was contacted by an oracle.  Wonder if he already knew what I was going to say before I said it?

I tend to hold my breath when I'm concentrating and only just noticed that I do this.  It freaks me out when I realize I'm doing it and then I do the breathing technique from yoga.  Weird as hell.

I've been playing with makeup more and sometimes it's really, really funny.  LOL!

I got a deep trim last week and my hair feels brand new all over.

Whenever I start thinking I drink too much coffee...a new study comes out that says drinking too much coffee is a good thing.

I continue to believe that there is nothing new pajamas can't make better.

I get the most frustrated when poor or lack of communication creates an issue.

I planted purple and yellow flowers for Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is over.

Is it too early to put the Easter wreath up?  I put my Spring one up but I can't find my wreath hooks so um...erra...it's on a snowflake hook.


A friend told me to put coconut oil in Jaru's food for his dry skin issues.  I was skeptical at first but did it and he loves it and scratches less.  

But he's eating up all my damn coconut oil.  Humph.  I use that on my hair dude.

I read an article about how to drink less soda if you can't give up soda.  One of the suggestions was to drink a mix of half soda, half water.

I don't drink soda but if I did...I wouldn't do that.

I love the bank's convenience of being able to deposit a check using the app on your phone.  That is seriously the best thing ever.  LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

I can't find that wow factor we're looking for and I has the sads.

I was taking meds for my ADD (finally) and it helped me focus but I didn't have fun anymore and it broke out my face.

Yall already know I stopped taking that cuz really...REALLY?  I'm vain as hell.

Homeowner's insurance costs out this way are giving me the blues.  SEVERE blues.

My indoor plants are acting like they like me again.

The only place I can buy fresh cut flowers is the Winn-Dixie.  The lady is so nice too.  I talked to her this weekend and she'll start taking my suggestions for what to order.  I wanted some flowering branches so she got me some in yesterday.  GO ME!  Imma play with them today.  Or tomorrow.  Soon as I go get them cuz Winn-Dixie is thataway and I never go thataway unless I want flowers from Winn-Dixie and it's raining and I never think about flowers when it's raining.

I need new sheets.  I have two sets of good ones that I alternate on our bed and well...it's time for new ones.  I've been researching the best sheets to buy and am confused.  It was so much easier when Martha Stewart had us believing thread count mattered.  Since that has been debunked...lawd...I don't know where to start!

I will say that the sheets I use on the guest bed are from Land's End and I'm ALWAYS impressed with the condition they are in so...maybe I'll start there this time.

I saw a woman cuss her child out like the child was grown and had done something really bad to her.

That made me so sad.

Jeb Bush huh?  NO MORE BUSHES!

I'm not crazy about more Clintons either.

Last night I had an extra dirty martini with three olives using Russian Standard vodka.

I felt like a boss.

But then I decided to follow it with a bottle of water and well...I kept having to get up to use the bathroom reminding me why I try to drink all my 64 ounces of water before 7pm.

Jaru glared at me for waking him up every time I went to the bathroom.  He's getting evil in his old age.

Shit...me too.

I just heard thunder and I'm sitting by the windows.  Yall know I'm moving right?

I hate when people I adore lose a parent because I know that pain and I know it's not a pain that's going to get better anytime soon.  I feel so helpless when that happens knowing I can't help at all.  


Shelly and Coley went to Universal in Florida and went to Harry Potter land.  It was so awesome she couldn't tell me about it cuz I didn't want to know cuz I want to go SO.BAD!!!!!!!!!  Robby?  Not so much.  LOL!

What's going on random with you?