Dove Is Getting No Love


I'm still stuck on this Dove thing because they have been so focused on positive body images and promoting their products as being for everyone so I found it hard to believe that they put a straight up racist ad online. I mean...why just commit brand suicide like that? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Then I read that the ad had a third woman in it who followed the White woman who took off a white shirt and had a light brown shirt on underneath it because she was a light brown woman and that the ad basically meant that we are all the same under our clothes. You know...simply skin that you can use Dove body wash on.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.19.30 PM.png

I know what the image looks like that we've been seeing and that Dove has apologized for but maybe folks got this one wrong? Maybe we're just all so damn pissed off across the board regarding race issues in our country that we are expecting the worst so much so that we don't even TRY to see past what is intended versus what our racial sensitivity is projecting?  

I am the absolute LAST person to give racist crap a pass but honestly...I think the masses got this one wrong.  Until I saw the light brown woman and her shirt...I was asking around for replacements for Dove products because that's pretty much all we use.  Now?  Eh...I think if more people had seen the ad for themselves before Dove pulled it and apologized for it...they would have thought the same thing I did.  Dove...this wasn't the smartest move since folks are VERY skin color sensitive these days but we know yall good people and tend to look out for everyone so yeah...we good.