"Empire" Questions

I watched The Cookie Show again this morning and then turned on some music.  Seemed fitting that Jazzmine Sullivan's "Forever Doesn't Last Too Long" because that's what I was thinking.  Forever sure in the hell doesn't last too long anymore.

My thoughts on Lucious?  That dude has the type of issues I wouldn't want to be anywhere around.  Watching Cookie fall out of love with him has been eye opening to say the least.  See...had he not divorced her while she was in jail, she never would have.  She would have stayed married to him like Whitney and Bobby and being around that level of ugly on a regular basis would have surely turned her into a Cookie we wouldn't like.

Cookie is, above all else, a mother.  And she has shown that time and time again.  She will put her kids first no matter what and realizing what Lucious subjected them to while she was locked up has awakened her into a MAJOR MAMA BEAR.  

Sure, she's a woman and she has needs so I'm really wondering if Lucious asks her to marry him again, will she?  I mean...sure...she is digging Sweetface big time but she's a smart businesswoman and knows that Lucious is dying so if she marrieds him then she doesn't have to worry about anyone taking Empire away from her and her kids.

Lucious is so germy to me.  I don't like him at all.  Dude is the worst-er-est.


1.  Do you think Lucious was lying about the baby?

2.  Do you think he will still ask Cookie to marry him?  Do you think she'll say yes?

3.  Do you think Cookie will accept that bipolar disorder is very real and her son has it?

4.  Do you think Lucious and Vernon are going to have a for real show down?

5.  What do you LIKE about Lucious?

6.  Besides Cookie...who is your favorite character and why?

7.  Will they ever find out what Boo Boo Kitty did to Elle?

8.  Lucious has offended each of his sons beyond reason.  Do yall think they are going to mount up and be done with him lead by Jamal and take over the company?  

9.  Were you surprised at how Andre's wife went in on Lucious about those shares?

10.  Who do YOU think should run the company?