New #AnnieSloanChalkPaint Project!!!!!!! Empire Chest!

I have a wish list of things I've always wanted.  On this list?  Rolltop desk, highboy, dining table which seats 12+ and...DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!  An Empire Chest!

Give me a minute while I hit a cabbage patch move right quick!  GO ME!  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I found an Empire Chest and I couldn't be more ecstatic.  It is in pristine condition.  Early 1900's. HEAVY.AS.HELL!!!!!  Clearly on days when my favorite consignment store lady calls...I need to rent a man and a Uhaul cuz I couldn't even move that sucker 3 inches.  IT.IS.SOLID!  It is so perfect I don't have to do a thing to it but well...there is this color that I adore and this piece is SCREAMING for it.  The color you ask?  ENGLISH YELLOW.  With a shiny black top (I think.  Might just keep the top as is but I just think black would be sooooooooo sleek.).

I know you can't "see" it but it's gonna be gorg.  I just know it.  You're going to have to trust me here.  LOL!  Oh...and I'm going to have a piece of beveled glass cut to put on the top because I'm thinking it will house a "bar" in my upcoming Monnie Retreat.  LOL! it's a living/sitting room.  No television.  No electronics.  It will be for reading and relaxing.  It will be shiny and gorgeous with a white sofa and FABULOUS window treatments. with super fluffy blankies and lots o' lots of BOOKS!  Yup.  There will be a covered box at the entrance for your cellphone.  NO ELECTRONICS!  It will be a thing of beauty.  (In my mind so far mind you!  LOL! way my ADHD is set up, Robby will only let me get one piece at a time so that I don't have a lot of projects stacked up because I've gotten bored.  Cuz we all know that can happen.  In the words of one of the besties:

"Is there ANYTHING you can't do?????"

Answer?  Yes...stick with anything for a lifetime.  Hey...I get bored.

HAPPY WEEKEND!  How is your weekend stacking up?  What's the temp out by you?  It was almost 80 degrees here today.  Throwed the hell off.