CreoleInDC Motto #427

See...I know she makes good money.  I mean...I don't know EXACTLY what she does or how much she makes but I know her you know?  So yeah...I know she's got to make good money.

Well...she starts talking about how she had to send this to this person and that to that person and how it's always something.  And I started asking questions about this person and that person and why is it that she feels the need to supplement their income with her money when she was the one who goes to 

work every day and she's the one still paying for her education that ALLOWS her to go to work every day and make that money.  She started blah, blah, blahing and I cut her off when she told me how one particular time these people took the kids to Disney World and she had to send them money because they ran out of gas money to get back home.

Me:  AAAARRRRRRRUUUUUU?????  Sounds like they couldn't afford to go to Disney World in the first place.

Then SIP was's not your fault they made the choices they made in life.  It's not your fault they didn't do this, that or the other.  Here is the thing...if you took YOUR azz on a trip and ran into some problems...could they send money to YOU?  No?  Oh...okay...then it sounds to me like you need to start keeping your money in your pocket.  They will figure it out.  They always do.  This is how you do it...

YOU:  I ain't got it.

THEM:  But...

YOU:  I ain't got it.

THEM:  But how come...

YOU:  I ain't got it.  Yall let me know when you get back home safe.

I bet they get home because those types of people always have more than one person they are mooching off.  Let them mooch off the next person until THAT person starts with I AIN'T GOT IT and they figure out that they have run their game long enough.  Save your money.  You're single with no kids.  You need money to live for the rest of your life.  Nobody is going to step up and provide for you in the manner you're used to.  Stack your own paper.

Fast forward to now and she's taken an international trip and planning another one.  The bank of her has CLOSED.  She has adopted the mantra that if they don't give a damn about doing better with their money then she doesn't either.

Case in point...I know someone who tried to force their kid to go to college and paid for it all since the kid didn't get any scholarships and they make too much money for aid.  Well...the kid went up there and showed their behind with grades.  She and her husband guess you have to come on back home and get a job.  They are currently making the kid's life hell.  Them fools even changed the password to the wifi so the kid can't get online.  That kid wants out of there so bad and is starting to give a damn about the future.  Knowing the kid's parents as I soon as the kid starts making major moves to straighten up they will start giving a damn again because as long as the kid didn't give a damn...they didn't either.

I respect that.

Whatchu got?  Agree or disagree?  Is your give-a-damn about other people's problems broken?

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