I Moved!

I finally got fed up with Typepad and moved to these shiny new digs!  I'm playing around with stuff so be patient with me.  

I have a bit of a learning curve to overcome and I'm trying to get my mojo back while trying to not bother these darn mosquito bites that I have.  The mosquitos here have been having a field day.  I wore a pair of capris the other day and all around my ankles got ate up.  Joy.

I've been patching up holes and painting getting 13700 ready for the next occupants.

Someone has been going around our neighborhood opening car doors that are unlocked and stealing stuff.  Begs me to wonder however, why are your car doors unlocked?

I've pretty much determined that I would rather do anything other than pack.

I'm extremely tired.

I don't like television anymore except for Thursdays and Sundays.  Now that "Ray Donovan" is over for the season...I don't like Sundays now.

I don't feel all that great today.  Really tired and sluggish.  Crappy actually.   Achy and hot.  

Maybe I just need more water.

I think Jaru is depressed.

I love Lysol in the yellow can.  Odd...I know.  Just odd.