Knees and Elbow Maintenance

One of the things we can't do as we age is ignore our changing bodies.  Our skin gets less taunt as we age and can appear to be darker in areas like our knees and elbows where there is extra skin.

To keep on top of this I do a bit of a scrub a few times a month that I will probably do more often as I age. I cut a lemon in half and then press it into some sea salt on a saucer.  I then scrub my elbows and knees with it adding more salt as needed.  I also hit my ankles.

When I get out of the tub I moisturize while my skin is still damp to the touch and every night I put Aquaphor on all the normally rough feeling spots before bed.

We simply must keep our stride stank.  Can't let these young girls think they got us beat.  LOL!

What do YOU do for your knees and elbows?

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