Disagreeing Agreeably Kids to Adults

One of the most important thinks being raised in a family is learning how to disagree agreeably.  This is honestly one of the most important things you can learn as a human.  Not learning this, however, can make things long and hard for you down the line.

I wasn't allowed to disagree growing up.  With my mother...maybe.  But on certain things.  Like...clothes or stuff like that.  She allowed me to have choices and I clung to the ability to have choices growing up.  With my father however?  No choices.  Do as he said ONLY.

I was watching a child I love recently being asked to make a decision about something.  The child deliberated and changed their mind twice.  The end result was that once the decision was made...the child was made to stick to that decision.  I marveled at that.  I loved that the child was being raised knowing that their opinions and what they want...are important.


I've seen this happen with other kids too and the kids took it too far.  And their parents let them.  They went on and on and on until the parent snapped and took the decision away from them because the kid was being indecisive.

That made me wonder.  Hmmmmmmmmm...

What's your take on allowing kids to make their own decisions?  On disagreeing with you?  How do you make sure to guide them in a way that doesn't strip them of their independent thought?  How to you allow them the opportunity to disagree with you albeit respectfully.

Are you raising children that can disagree agreeably?  Who will go on to be adults who can disagree agreeably?

Were YOU allowed to disagree with your parents?