FireTV Stick


I ordered a FireTV Stick on Amazon when they first announced it at the introductory rate of $19.  I've been waiting on it and it came today!  GO ME!  It's $39 now so I saved $20 but I am soooooooooooo happy with it!  I was leaning toward getting another Chromecast for the living room television so I'm glad I got it because variety is awesome.  

Me likey that we can use our Prime account directly on the smart tv again now because for some reason...Samsung got rid of the app.  Probably because they knew this was coming huh?

This would be great on your guest bedroom television if you don't have cable in there or any room in your house with a television but no cable.  If your kids don't have cable in their room but you allow them to stream...this might be a great Christmas present for them!  Check it out!  FireTV Stick