Me = Nice Lady

When we pulled into our new neighborhood late Monday night, my eyebrow raised at the fact the neighbor across the street had a car parked on the lawn.

No worries...I knew I'd get my "Nice Lady" on and handle that soon.

The next morning I saw the young man sitting in his car with the driver's side door open and I walked over in nice-lady mode with a big old grin and my hand out.  

Me:  Hey neighbor!  Nice to meet you...I'm out here smoking weed in your car?  Seriously?

Him:  *Looking.Sheepish* -

Me:  *sigh*  Baby it's too early for all that...and why you parked on the grass?  Where they do that 'et?

Him:  *Nervous.Smiling.Laughing*

Me:  We'll try this again, baby.

Then I walked off shaking my head but still as "Nice Lady."  Yall know how we do.  

This morning I walked outside to see if the flower boxes I'd put up were receiving full sun.  The young man was outside putting air in his tire.  I waved and walked over.  

Me:  You ready to try this again?  (Laughing.)

Him:  Yes ma'am.

We shake hands and introduce ourselves.  He tells me where he works and I notice he's dressed for work ready to roll out.  

Me:  What do you think about the flower boxes?  Should I keep them there or move them to the back?

Him:  You can keep them there.  They look good there.  You got it going on with them flower boxes.

Me:  Thank you baby.  Now...why you park that car on the grass like that?  

Him:  It has a leak and I don't want to mess up the driveway.

Me:  But you're okay with it messing up the grass?  You can power wash the stain out of the driveway.  Once you kill the grass with's gone unless you do a lot of work to treat it right?

Him:  I guess I never thought about that.  And...we be blocking each other in and stuff.

Me:  Well park on the street if you know someone is going to have to pull out.  Don't park on the grass Baby...kinda makes it look like the hood when you do that.

Him:  Yes ma'am.  Imma try.

Me:  If you ever need a can park behind my truck in my driveway.

Him:  Yes ma'am.  Thank you ma'am.  

Me:  Well you have a good day at work okay?  I'm probably going to do some baking this weekend.  I'll bring yall some cookies okay?  Meet your mama 'nem.  Your mama 'nem stay here right?  I thought I saw you helping her to her car the other day.

Him:  Ooooh...that would be nice!  Yes ma'am.  My mama stay here.

Me:  Okay.  I'll be by this weekend!  Now let me go finish working.  

And so it begins.

The Robinator:  You out here gentrifying the neighborhood in less than a week.

Me:  You know how I do.


P.S.  We did discuss early morning weed usage albeit briefly.  He says he needs it to get through his day.  I simply nodded and told him that I guess you gotta do whatcha gotta do.  I'll have him setting up his patio to get his weed usage on out back of his home soon.  That should be private in my opinion.