Settling In Nicely!

This entire weekend was focused on unpacking as much as possible.  There is a lot of stuff it doesn't make any sense to unpack so sorting through everything and repacking what I won't need until we move is fun.  (Note sarcasm.)  I hung the key hook last night so yup...we've officially moved!

Jaru is used to going sit out on the deck and getting some sun whenever he wants to and has taken to standing at the backdoor staring at it until I open the door.  He seems to enjoy surveying all.  LOL!  Of course his majesty wouldn't actually lay down until I put a rug out.  *sigh*  When I put the rug down he gave me the most disgusted look as if to say..."Took you long enough."

I'm telling yall...that dog might not make it.

Of course that wasn't good enough so he's trying different spots.  I have to keep the door open so I'm sure Robby will be chasing down a fly or two once he comes home.  

I'm starting the quest today to find a hair salon.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone yet whose hair made me want to ask them for a referral so I'm just going to try and find an Aveda salon somewhere and see if I can just get a blowout.  I'm currently sporting the air dried bohemian look which really doesn't do much for me.  LOL!  


I've decided I'm doing Thanksgiving this year and the thought of not cooking for my FAVORITE holiday has hurt my heart.  I simply won't be able to do it right so we'll go to family and I'll eat what I can.  I figure by the time Christmas rolls around I'll have more of the lay of the land and be able to plan appropriately.  I haven't even found a good florist yet.  *sigh*  I stopped buying flowers awhile ago at 13700 because while packing was going on it didn't make sense and now...I want flowers in my life again.  

How was your weekend?  Getting ready for Thanksgiving yet?  Are you traveling or hosting?