Dog Attack

**NOTICE!  Turns out the neighbor who told me this early this morning had it wrong.  The kids just got home from school and told me that one of the dogs owned by the neighbor who lets her dog walk without a leash rolled up on a big dog with all that and got sasquatched.  Sheesh...he's such a little guy too.  I hope he makes it.


Yesterday, one of the girls was walking Jaru and a neighborhood dog rolled up on him barking like he had beef.  Jaru stopped, confused as to what was going on, and the owner of the other dog was told to keep her dog away from Jaru.

Last night, Jaru and I walked out of the house and the same dog rolled up on Jaru.  I stopped.  Jaru stopped.  (It should be noted that I was NOT in the mood.)

Me: need to have Oreo on a leash.  

S:  It's okay!  He's okay!  Come on Oreo!  Come on!

Me:  *Real skeptical*:  Aiight...

Jaru was looking at him confused because Oreo is all of 10 pounds and well...dogs just don't tend to roll up on him like that.  I took a step up and Oreo beat it.  Walking off like looking like George Jefferson.

This morning...a dog fight occurred and it was bad.

Have you ever been around a dog attack?

Have you ever been around a little dog who was vicious as hell?

Has YOUR dog ever been attacked by another dog?

Yall KNOW Oreo would have not made it had that been Jaru right?