Texting and Dating

Whenever I see a woman going back and forth on text with a guy they are getting to know...I feel some kinda way.  This is why, when talking to my Goddaughter, I'm quick to tell her to not get into the habit of having the majority of her communication with her lil guy friend via text.  

See...in my mind, you could be hugged up with some other woman and kee-keeying and shoo-shooing with me via text.  Like...there would be no way for EITHER woman to know what you're doing unless one of us started snooping on your phone.  

If I were single and dating I would NEVER let a guy think that texting was cool.  I doubt I'd ever even answer his texts.  I'd pull out some "Elder speak" and be like..."Oh...you texted me?  I'm sorry...I don't even know how to find that on my phone  I hear it when it rings only.  You know I'm old.  Just call me."

Or something like that.

Someone I know feels the exact same and stays mad about dudes and texting.  

But she still texts.

I remember being with her once and she received a text from him.  She called him and he didn't answer the phone.  He texted her back immediately saying, "Can't talk right now...what's up?"


SIP:  Where they do that 'et?

See...I wouldn't have answered another nothing via text from him.  EVER.  And the next time he called, it had better end in him asking me on a date where I will make it CLEAR to not do that ish ever again.  To me...that ish was down right disrespectful.  Um...no.


Not today.

Not tomorrow.

Not next Thursday.


I ain't going to lie...I am SO glad texting didn't start up until after I was married cuz goodness knows...if texting was the norm it is now...I would probably still be single.  UGH!

What's YOUR take on texting and dating while getting to know someone?  Do you do it?