"The Memory"

She packed. 


So quick she dropped half of what she wanted to take. 

Quickly but quietly.

So she could still hear.

She stepped over the memory.

Immune to the pain at this point just as he is immune to pain.

Of any kind.

As she packed light fell around her in the form of pictures. 

Pictures of them perfect.

Pictures of their family.

Pictures of their friends.

A life built and now ripped.

She stepped over the memory.

She'd call her sister from the car.

She'd tell her to pick up the kids for her.

She stepped over the memory.

She packed.

And planned.


She had to go to the bank.

She was finally tired.

Finally fed up enough to do something.

Something that would liberate her.

Even as her current fear made everything a cloud around her.

As she packed hurridly.

As she dropped important papers in her haste to leave.

Before she was discovered.

Before she couldn't get away.

She stepped over the memory.

Her mother's Bible...she couldn't leave that.

She went back to get it and dropped it.

In his blood. 

She picked it up.

Wiped the leather off and stepped over him for the 5th time.

Closed the door and hurried off.

Leaving the memory behind.

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