Complainers Are Drainers

Do yall have someone in your life who is ALWAYS complaining no matter what?  It could be the sweetest thing and yet they will find one thing they can harp on.  They could get a new car.  Free.  Right off the back of the car delivery trailer and they will complain that the car came sleeve wrapped for protection and they chipped a nail trying to pull the sleeve off.

I always wonder if that's just their personality or whether or not life beat that into them.  I mean...if it's their personality I guess I get it.  If you can't help that initial reaction without therapy then okay.  Hell...I have issues I'm not working on either.  Hopefully one day you'll prioritize working on that.  If life beat it into them however, I wonder what happened to their memories of better times.  Were there ever better times?  When life beats the joy out of you...can you ever regain that trust in the possibility that good things are coming?  Can come.  Probably came...but you may have missed it?

The people who always complain in YOUR it their personality or did life beat joy out of them?  How do you deal with them?  Is the constant complainer YOU?  Do you notice when you're complaining?