We Finally Found the BEST Digital Antenna and Cut the Cable Cord!

It should be noted that we would have probably never taken the leap had we not moved. Just keeping it real.

The Robinator and I moved into our temporary digs and only set up the internet.  We decided that we'd finally, FINALLY cut the cord to cable!  I was excited because paying for a crapload of channels we don't watch really irked me greatly so I've been wanting to do this for over two years now.  Robby, on the other hand, found it difficult to let go of his total access to all sports all the time.  Because of this, I didn't think he'd ever go for it even though month-after-month paying that $250 Verizon Fios bill really annoyed him too.

But pay it we did.

We only have two televisions with us.  One in the living room and one in our bedroom.  

The one in the living room is a smart tv so it already had apps set up we could use when connected to the internet.  The bedroom tv isn't a smart tv so we use our Chromecast to watch television on it for now.  I'm going to buy an antenna for it too since I now know the best one to get.

The apps we use on our living room television are Netflix, HuluPlus, CNBC, Time, USA Today, BBC News, and Pandora.  We have more but those are the ones we use mostly.  

Now...the problem was network television and well...I need my "Scandal."  I could watch "Blackish" the next day, but I enjoy watching Olivia Pope while interacting online with our awesome group!  GO US!  So...I tried 4 different digital antennas to see which one would get ALL the DTV network channels available.  Seriously...I kept buying and returning them.  One I got 0 channels.  Seriously.  Nada.  LOL!  The next one, I got 6 channels but not ABC.  The next I got 7 channels but not CBS (I love CBS Sunday Morning.) and the next one, after scouring the internets for advice and reviews, I got 26 channels!  TWENTY SIX!  And that includes all the major networks and a whole lot of other channels I've heard of and some local ones I've never heard of.  I'm currently sitting here watching Shanti Lowry on the Bounce TV station.  GO SHANTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She's my favorite.  LOL!

The antenna is pretty cool in that it's super thin.  The cord is really long so you can play around with placing it properly to get the best reception.  Apparently you can paint over it so that it can blend in with the wall but I don't want to do that.  I hate the cord and am trying to hide it as much as possible but hey...I can only do so much now.  I'm considering moving it behind the mirror above the mantle so we can't see it but I'd still have to deal with the cord issue.  Needless to say...this battle might not be won.  I'm hoping that once I finish decorating the wall behind the television and the mantle...it will be much less obvious.

We are EXTREMELY happy with our decision to finally not be cable's witch with a b.  I was soooooooooooooo sick of cable and the stuff on cable that it annoyed me beyond reason.  With all of the streaming options we have plus the new one we pre-ordered and are waiting for:

All total we've spent about $120 plus monthly fees for Netflix and HuluPlus which come to about $16 a month.  And honestly...we would have those even if we have cable because we enjoy bing watching shows together on the sofa.  I was going to get rid of Amazon Prime but I can't now since I'll be using Amazon Prime Pantry and Subscriptions for shopping more than ever now because of my current local limited shopping options.  So yeah...would have had that anyway too.  No matter what I'm spending however...it's less than even one month of what I was paying Verizon Fios (it should be noted that we had a bundle, internet, phone and all the premium channels except the nekkid ones).

Let me know if you try out that antennae.  It's seriously a case of I tried 4 so you don't have to.  LOL!  Hope it helps you kick the cable habit too!