"The Wiz" LIVE!

Notice the blanket on the sofa and the pillows all the way over there?  Yeah...and yet...they STILL decided being on top of me while I watched "The Wiz" last night.  LOL!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!  it was so cute!  

I don't understand why there seems to be so many people who didn't like it. I thought it was GREAT! I mean...I watched the whole thing grin-t up big time. LOL! Just like a kid all over again and it gave me a really warm feeling. I think we needed this. We needed something light and magical. People be tripping.

My FAVORITE was Mary J.  She was so awesome!  I loved all the wardrobe and the sets were awesome too.  I enjoyed it so much I'm going to order the DVD so I can watch it without the breaks.

Did you watch it?  Did you enjoy it?  Oh...and yes...we all know there were waaaaaaaaaay too many commercials.  LOL!  NBC knew folks were going to tune in big time so they made ALL the money!  LOL!