SNL Skit with Louis C.K.: When you get what you asked for.

Full disclosure here.  I'm a Louis C.K. fan.  I think his show, "Louie", is genius.  I think he tackles things we are mostly uncomfortable discussing in a fresh way.  In a REAL way.  You know...that way you discuss them at home when you don't have to use knowing looks or hushed tones to discuss them because you know the heart of the person you're discussing them with.  See...we can discuss anything if we already KNOW the person we're discussing it with.  When we don't know the person, as we're forming our thoughts, we are constantly thinking about just where this person is coming from. know that.

Anyway...yeah...I'm a fan.

We missed SNL on Saturday night because we were out partying it up big time popping bottles and whatnot.

Okay...we were asleep.  Hell...we're old.  We can't stay up that long on a Saturday night anymore without planning.

So we watched on Sunday morning while eating late breakfast.  We were still trying to digest Louis C.K.'s opening monologue and watching silently.  I had a piece of bacon in my hand and was chewing.  When the above skit started...I stopped chewing.  BACON.  I stopped chewing bacon.  I stared at the television blinking and holding my bacon in my hand.  

I thought about another SNL skit with Louis C.K. in it that was basically a ripoff from the Dave Chappelle Show.  I thought when Dave did was brilliant but on SNL it made my eyes squint.

And it made me wonder if perhaps I'm bringing along with me a feeling of some kinda way because for decades...we've been wondering why there weren't more people of color on SNL and now...we have them so exploring politically incorrect and edgy comedy including Black people and ABOUT Black people is more likely to happen.  SNL is well known to be offensive to all right?

So what do you think?  What DID you think?  Did the new skit make you laugh?  Was it funny?  Was it uncomfortable to watch because you know people like the Sprint manager?  Was it funny because you know people like the Sprint manager?  What do you think, so far, of Leslie Jones on the show?

What did YOU think of his opening monologue?  Child molester "jokes" too much?