Running Buddy Pouch. No Belt! No Tilt!

When I workout I use a fanny pack kinda pouch thingy for my phone.  After a while, however, the belt starts irking me something serious.  I go through different motions of trying to put it on over my shorts/tights and t-shirt so as not to get that horrid rub-rub.

And the armbands irk me too.  I have issues.  Seriously.

So I looked for something else.  I found it in the Running Buddy Pouch and used their chat feature to ask if it would work with my new phone, the Note 5 since it's pretty large.  I was told yes if I took into consideration the size of the case I'd use on the phone so I bought one thinking I'd buy the slimmest case possible.  

The case is pretty cool because you stick the flap inside of your waistband and it has strong magnets that keep it in place.  It won't move, tilt, etc.

When I got it I was bummed because it was such a TIGHT fit and, since the earbud connection is at the BOTTOM of the phone, I wouldn't be able to use it.  I was disappointed and used the chat feature thingy on their site again to let someone know that it didn't work.

Imagine my surprise when the phone rang and it was Greg from the company.  He told me to check out the insert card and then go to for information about how the mesh part is a ripstop material and I could put the hole in wherever the port is located on my phone.  I told him that it wasn't just that but the size of my phone too.  I was so impressed however, I decided I'd just give this one to Robby and I'll wait until November when the slightly bigger one comes out.  Like...who takes time out to call a customer anymore?????  For that alone, every runner on my Christmas list is getting one of these for Christmas.  Seriously.  That impressed me beyond reason.  I totally predict this small, family owned company is going to go far because of their word of mouth traffic.  There is just no way that you can keep something this amazing to yourself.

I just read some of the customer reviews who took it to Disneyland and other parks and I can't WAIT to use it on a roller coaster!!!!!  LOL!  Wheeeeeeeee!  Look ma no hands!

Greg...if you're reading this...yall rock.  I'm going to get a couple of those H2O pouches and the new pouch when it is released too.  Thank you for offering up AMAZING customer service.  Dude...yall rock.