Dear Mo'Nique:

Have you been keeping up with Mo'Nique?  She says she was blackballed because she wouldn't play the game to campaign for the Oscars for "Precious."  Folks say she showed her behind...she says she put her family first.

I just read.

Now?  She's escalating her beef and saying Lee Daniels said this that and the other about people.

So...whatchall thinking?  


I tried to watch "Empire" twice before I forced myself to sit still and watch it for real.  The first episode was pilot-ish and we all know how pilots can go but I hung in there.  I was scared about Cookie because I really didn't want Taraji's talent to go wasted by being the stereotypical Black mama from the hood.  When she grabbed that broom...I was like...AW...LAWD...HERE WE GO.

By the second episode when Porsha was introduced, I started seeing all of the nuances that I love about Taraji's range.  She's angry, loving, motherly, bitchy, bossy, strong, tough, weak, heartbroken, hopeful, et al.


Yall know Lee Daniels is gay right?  Well...if you didn't...he's going to always make sure you know.  Jamal being gay and the struggle with his father because of him being gay and his father's refusal to accept him as he is is a bit much for me...but I know it happens exactly like that sometimes.  I mean hell...his mother would fight for him and she still calls him names behind his back.  I wonder if that ish goes down like that still in 2015?  I seriously hope not cuz trying to throw that baby away like that broke my heart.

The younger son is an extremely talented actor unless that's his for real personality.  I mean...he has that character DOWN-T!  I love his voice and the music!  Oh...the music has me about to ask Mr. Google where I can find it!

The Obama stuff got the side eye from me but I get it.

I guess.

And man...are these people racist.  They say some serious racist ish and don't think twice about it.

The bi-polar older son and his wife?  Oh...that's gonna play out intensely I'm sure.  She seems to be type who understands the phrase, "By any means necessary."

Quinton (yall know who Quinton is so don't act like it) is being him.  Even faced with death...he isn't about to deal with any disrespect from anyone except his wife cuz um...she took her clothes off to prance in front of his ex-wife and yeah...that was disrespectful.  

Cookie is going to get her soon, soon and very soon.  I see it coming.  It's going to go down Alexis and Crystal Carrington style and you know this MAN!!!!!

That elevator scene was SO.TENSE and perfect.  LOVED.THAT!

I sure wish I could see that young lady as anything other than Precious.  *sigh*  I need to do better in life I know.

Are you watching?  What do you think so far?  Are you enjoying it?  Were you worried in the beginning?

Are you here for Cookie?