Empire Questions

Good morning!!!!!  I'm re-watching The Cookie Show.  I feel like I mighta, coulda missed something so yeah...re-watching just in case.  I'm still shook behind that ending and the preview of next week's episode though.  #StillShook  

And yall...just betwix me and you...Andre do crazy too well for me.  If I met him in real life I'd smile and wave from a distance.  Keeping it moving.  LOL!


1.  Do yall think Lucious is going to leave Ughmo and get back with Cookie?

2.  Is it wrong for them to do what they did?  He's engaged!  But they never stopped loving each other right?  

3.  How do you feel about Ughmo (Anika) now that she didn't burst up in there swanging on folks?  Think she really loves Lucious?  Or does she really love Empire?

4.  Yall think Andre is going to swing on Vernon for not telling him about his daddy?

5.  #TeamCookie or #TeamAnika?


#TeamAmber or #TeamKhloe? <-----------BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!