I hate driving.  I love listening to audiobooks when I drive.

Robby just told me that there is a whole group of people who think Stevie Wonder is not blind.  I side eyed him and he just told me to look it up.  Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind: The Truthers' Case 


I powerwashed the hell out of a house today using this new powerwasher that I now MUST.HAVE. PowerStroke 3100 PSI Pressure Washer with Subaru Electric Start Engine

I woke up this morning and was mad, mad, mad at what that dude our White House said about San Juan.  Dude...really?

I love this and need to buy another one:  Black Slap | Satin-Lined Cap   

I love having two guest bedrooms.  Now I don't have to fold clothes before guests come.  I just close the door to the room with the clothes!  GO ME!

To this day my favorite sound is The Robinator's laughter.

I'm so tired but I was determined to do a post! 

I don't like people who have a problem with gay people.  Makes my teeth itch.  Seriously...WHY ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT GAY PEOPLE BEING GAY???????  GO.SAT.DOWN-T!

I want a robot clothes folder.