Fry Daddy


We were at a framily's house after a fish fry when the conversation came up regarding how to dispose of grease.  I don't fry a lot so I wasn't very helpful with my suggestion but I have a PhD in Googling so I asked Mr. Google for the best way to handle.

According to Mr. Google, you pour it in an old jar or back into the container it came in, once cooled, and throw it away in the garbage can.  

I didn't know that.

You can also use an empty water bottle.

I do it yesterday and I felt like a grownup.  

Except for bacon grease.  NEVER throw away bacon grease.  Your scallops and so much more will thank you. Don't believe me?  See?  I just asked Mr. Google:

That's how Iuse having information at my fingertips.  I am constantly asking questions Mr. Google answers.  And man...if you saw my browser history you'd wonder what in the world I was up to.  Today I searched for how long it would take for someone to walk from New Orleans to Boston, the best glue to replace veneer, damage oven cleaner would do to wood, when Brandon Sanderson's new book was going to be out, do coleus' come back every year, how long does a tire plug hold up in a new tire, used 6ft artwork for sale, etc.

Okay...this is blogging day 4 out of 30.  Imma make it.  I think.  LOL!