Randoms of a Creole Princess

"A racist scrotum dipped in Cheeto dust." ~ Patton Oswald

Guess who he was talking about?

I had a laundry emergency today.  Spilled something that stains on our white duvet cover.  Immediately put it in the washer on the Powerwash cycle.  

No dice.

Washed it again.

No dice.

Went to the store and bought the Shout gel with the brush on top and some Oxy stuff.  Put the Oxy stuff in the washer and then soaked the duvet cover in hot water for 30 minutes, drained it and then washed it.


I felt like I cured a disease or something.


Went to see "Marshall" today.  Good movie.  Totally wish it would be turned into a television series like "Matlock" so we could watch Mr. Thurgood Marshall fight racial injustice.

I broke down and got my gray hair colored.  I like it.  It's a Wella dark brown rinse and I so don't want to wash my hair and have some of it wash away.  *sigh*

The joy I got from these $9.99 earrings I bought at Ross is ridiculous!  LOVE THEM!

I got my oil changed today and showed everyone in the waiting area how to get to the $10 off coupon using their phones.

Why don't more people do this automatically???????

I think I want to get some kinky twists done next.  dearlesley currently has some and I was like...IMMA GET ME SOME!

I feel MUCH better since I returned to the doctor on Monday.  I'm on antibiotics, Allegra DM and some nose spray thing.  I'm so hopped up on foreign matter I see television snow when I turn my head too quickly.

I have a lot of friends who have had sick parents lately and it's beginning to scare me.   

I am one degree separated from a 48-year-old person who dropped dead yesterday.

That shit is sobering.

Speaking of sober...

The wine store I buy wine from locally is going out of business.  Seems Costco told the state that they aren't coming here unless they can sell beer, wine and liquor so they caved to allow grocery stores to sell beer, wine and liquor.  The wine store is near a Walmart so they cut their losses before their losses cut them.

All I want to know is when is Costco coming.

I have to set an alarm on my phone to remember to take my medicine.  

And an alarm for anything else I need to do that is time sensitive.

I have a love/hate relationship with that.

I am addicted to the Mediterranian flavored Terra chips.  YALL!

The place I buy flowers weekly went up on their prices by $2 per package of flowers.


I haven't bought flowers there since.  That was too large of a leap for me.  Fifty cents?  Sure.  From $3.00 to $5.00?  No.  Ain't happening.  My $12 worth for the week now costing me $20?  Ain't happening.

Marie Laveau got sick last night around 3:30am and threw up.  If you're a doggie guardian,  you live in fear of the doggie vomit sound while you're sleeping.  Once we'd made sure she was okay, cleaned up and taken her down for water, I couldn't go back to sleep so I started re-reading my book.  

Yes...you read that correctly.  I re-read my own book that I wrote hoping it would put me to sleep quicker since I already know what was going to happen.  An hour later...I was still reading thinking...DAMMIT GOLDEN, SHIT! 

Have you read it yet?  It's pretty good if you haven't:  Compound 

Plenty of people have read it but only 21 have written a review.  *sigh*  I really wish people would write reviews so it could move up the ranks.

What's going on random with you?