Dear White Lady...I have questions... #DirtyJohn

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I finished the "Dirty John" podcast today and BAAAAAAAAABY...I have questions...

If you haven't listened to the podcast...warning...spoilers ahead.  PLENTY of them.  Hell...all of them cuz I ain't playing with John.  Click on the link up there and listen to it and come back so you don't get mad cuz I spoiled it for you.  

So yeah...Debra is rich and blonde.  Debra has been married 4 times already.  Debra has a successful interior design business.  Deborah has 3 adult children.  Debra is 59 years old.

In short...Debra should know better.

But she didn't.

How are you going to meet some dude in dirty scrubs with dirty nails and a chipped tooth and take his word that he is a doctor without asking Mr. Google about him?  How in the heck do you move into a place with this dude not even 2 months after meeting him where the rent is over six thousand a month without him putting in on it?  How do you just let the supposed doctor dude start driving one of your cars?  How are you going to move in with a dude whose home you've never visited?  He says he owns two homes in the fancy parts of town but you haven't seen them yet??????  He moves in with zero clothes talking some he lost them in the war?  REALLY?  You take him shopping and buy him ALLLLLLLLL the new clothes?  The doctor?  WHERE IS HIS MONEY?????



REALLY????????? need new people.

And the creme'de'la'creme?  HE HATES YOUR KIDS???????????????????????????

I can't with you.

And then you marry him in secret and keep it from your kids.  And only when he threatens to get the mob to kill the son of your domestic violence murdered sister, do they find out yall got married in Vegas?????????????


Did you want to be domestic violently kill-t too?  Was that what you were reaching for?  You wanted to one-up your sister's death?  Cuz that's all I can think at this point.

You hiding $30k here, $120k there, all so your doctor husband doesn't have access to all of your money once you finally started listening to someone with some sense? I could have had such an amazing life if you'd have had some sense and wasn't so, obviously, insecure.

But I want to talk about John here.  Only in America could John get away with everything he got away with.  They had video of this dude crouched down wearing gloves around a car that was later stolen and set on fire AND HE DIDN'T GET ARRESTED??????????


He threatens all of these women and anyone else who gets in his way but HE is the one who gets to report THEM???????  

And at the top of the mountain of never happens?  HE GOT A FULL REFUND FROM A LAWYER WHO DID BILLABLE WORK FOR HIM?????????


I can't believe she went back to him when he got out of the hospital.  I can't believe she went to see him the second time she left, spent the night and gave him $10k before she left to "fix up the house."


Debra has PLENT-Y of money to throw around.  PLENTY!  

I'm still feeling some kinda way about this and need to process more.  How could a woman let herself get so taken so quickly and forsake all who love her?  AND HER MAMA!!!!!!!!!!


Okay...if you're here, you know what happens.  He tries to kill her daughter and her daughter ends up killing him.  Thank goodness.  

But I still have SO.MANY.QUESTIONS.

What did YOU think?

And here is an old school warning to take away with you that would have kept Debra safe in this situation: