Ginger and Lemon Tea with Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

I love ginger.  Like...LOVE ginger.  I love handling it and then smelling my fingers after cuz it smells sooooooooooo good!

Sometimes I have tummy issues that I can't pinpoint and I've found that a cup of ginger tea with lemon makes it all better.  I sweeten it with a brown sugar simple syrup that I make a batch of whenever we run low.  Two parts water, one part brown sugar.  Bring to boil stirring until sugar dissolves.  Let sit until it reaches room temperature and store in a lidded jar in the fridge.  It's perfect to sweeten tea, cold or hot.  Just put a little bit at the bottom of your glass or mug and then add the tea.  DELICIOUS!

To make the ginger tea, all you have to do is peel a finger of ginger and then cut it up in either a mug or the strainer if you have a mug like mine (TeaForte KATI Cup).  Then, pour boiling water over the ginger until the ginger is covered and let it steep for ten minutes.  Next, remove the ginger by removing strainer or by pouring through strainer, squeeze a slice of lemon in it and voila!  Instant tummy soothing goodness that is, well, just simple goodness.  It's good to and for you.  You know...building up good gut bacteria and whatnot.  

Do you make fresh ginger tea?  Do you drink it daily or only when you have a tummy ache?