I don't understand when people allow the negative voice of a negative person creep into their thoughts constantly.  I don't understand how people don't consider the source when they are listening and deciding what to take from a "voice."

When the voice in your head starts mimicking the most negative things you've ever's time to renew.  When the people who claim to love you say the most hateful and hurtful things to, about and which affect you's time to see them exactly as they are and vow to NEVER be like them.  You are already a better person than they will ever be because you know you'd NEVER say some shit like that to someone you claim to love or hell...even strangers you probably won't ever care for.

Be selfish with your pride.

Be joyful with yourself.

Put in the work.

Negative voices talk to everyone.  Only the strongest know how to block that ish out with accomplishment.