@TastingRoomCom Wine Tasting at Home!

I've been trying to streamline my physical shopping and doing everything online.  I've been having problems finding a lot of variety as far as good wine is concerned so I tossed around the idea of joining a wine club and having wine delivered straight to the house.  

But I didn't follow through researching the different wine clubs even though it was constantly on my daily to-do list.

Then I read about Tasting Room and thought...Hmmmmmmm...that sounds cool!


So I ordered the tasting kit so that Robby and I could do our tasting profile and we plan on doing it tonight.  After we taste each wine we answer some questions about the wine.  They then create a taste profile for us and send us a case of wine every three months for $149.99 based on what we like.

Cool!  Wine tasting at home!  I'm down!

I was skeptical about signing up because I was thinking that they'd get a surplus of crappy wines and send that out and I'd still have to pay.  Turns out, I can cancel at any time so I'm good.