Live Blogging #BeingMaryJane

I'm live blogging tonight's episode.  

WARNING...I didn't watch the last few episodes of season 1 because well...I just don't LIKE Mary Jane.  Not the show...but the character.  So...I watched the first episode of season 2 because my girls did and the entire time my face was completely screwed up.  I.DON'T.LIKE.THAT.CHICK!  Why she always messing with somebody else's man hell?  Trifling shit is NOT.COOL!

And his stankin azz.  UGH!  I can't stand his stankin azz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'ve been warned.  I don't like Mary Jane but I'm watching and live blogging.  

It will prolly be horrible.  My commentary that is.  Not the show.

I love that they show her with her hair tied up.  

Um...why is David looking shirtlessly gorgeous in the kitchen cooking breakfast?  Is she dreaming?  She's prolly dreaming.  I hope she's dreaming.  Why is all that ish on her counters?  How does she have room to cook?  That view though...YES!  

Oops...BABY!  hey Andre!  


And her damn hair isn't wrapped.  I guess you can do that with weave.

Wait...she pissed in the bed again?  Girl you need Depends.

Niecy gotta go.  But her makeup is FLAW.LESS!  GO NIECY!

Lemme tell yall 'bout this wine I'm partaking...DE.LI.COUS.  I don't even know the name.  Bought it at Whole Foods. Niecy's daddy.  Not like he can do anything though.  Doesn't he live with his mama 'nem too?  When my siblings ignore my texts...I get RAW.  Ask them.  LOL!  I WILL NOT BE IGNORED DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now...she wouldn't have burnt up my pot.  But none of my pots look brand new either.

I COOKS! her borther doesn't live with his parents?  Send his azz back to their parents and put Niecy and them chirren up at his apartment.  SOLUTION!

Mary Jane only has empathy for her own people it seems.  And not really even then.  

So this baby is a prostitute?  *sigh*  I hate that.  

I have two of those bracelets Mary Jane has on.  Well, one.  One went missing.  

I don't understand why those babies don't call somebody either.  But hey...


The Game still comes on?  Well alright now.  

I hate the name Chardonnay.  AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!


Can we talk about weave for like two seconds?  Her weave is nice.  I've never really seen her with a bad weave.  How much does a weave like that cost?  

Love that she is working with girls.  


She's going meet Polly at the Pancake House.  That's IHop for the rest of us.

I feel her about those girls.  Teenage girls are evil.  Me not a fan.  I'd rather they be 0 - 10 or 22 and up.  

I have that Halo dress the producer chick is rocking.

Folks still pretending to not be gay need to stop hell.  I mean really.  Be you and let the chips fall as they may.  

Did I tell you about this wine yet that I don't know the name of?????  DELICIOUS!  And I still can't find the name of it.  Yall don't believe me I know but just ait until I show you the pic.  No name.

So what does he do with the boyfriend when mommy and daddy come-a-calling?  Does he stay in the back?  I guess so huh? he outside?  Maaaaaaaaan screw that...wouldn't be me gay and locked out.  I'd be the gayest of gay!


Did anybody see that movie "Addicted?"  How was it?  I think I might download it to watch on the plane just because Boris is one of my in-my-head boyfriends.  Don't tell The Robinator.  I saw him in person on the sidewalk in DC once and he was GORGEOUS!  Years later I met him in real life and I swear fo' goodness I couldn't keep up talking to him.  My thoughts and my conversation didn't go together so I just blubbered.  Crazy I know.  Him pretty.

Them chirren don't need to go see the new JLo movie.  That movie is NOT for chirren.

I need to wear that dress again soon.  I'd like to be fly too.  

Drinking on the job is funny.

In my next house Imma get a sectional.  Super deep.  Not loose pillow back though.  I hate loose pillow back.  His mother is about to shut this down.  LOL!  

S. Epatha is not about this lying life Mark!

We should start hearing Mark's heartbeat in 5...4...3...

Why do they need to open another bottle?  They haven't finished the wine in the glasses they have now.  I don't believe in wasting wine.

MARK...YOU'RE GAY HELL!  JUST TELL 'EM HELL!  Your mama is being real with you!  


Aw lawd...the Black father and his gay son talk.  o_0

Let it go people exist.  Oh...wait...he's mad about him lying (literally up your azz) and he should be.  Stop all that lying hell.  Mark cute though.  Freckles look good on him.  

Mary Jane...shut up.

Daddy hurt.  But he's a homophobe.  But he's his father.  Lawd...I'm so confused.  I need water.  My brain is squozen dry.  All this fussing while everyone sitting down though is refreshing.  In my family...that table woulda been flipped by now.  

Speaking of family...Robby says I have a package at my house from my Uncle filled with pictures.  CAN'T.WAIT.TO.GET.HOME!

She seeing David everywhere now huh?  He's haunting her?  Funny.

Hey Polly!

I don't understand why Polly doesn't call her people.


So...people get drunk at work with red cups?  *BLINK*

I'm 'bout to hit her with a #GirlBye too.

Remember when people were saying that the lines on red cups meant something?

That dude looks weird.  Like he'd wear her skin as a bathrobe or some ish.

If any of yall getting lit up at work and you don't work in marketing for an alcohol company...Imma fight yall.  For real though.

I'm mad she doesn't date her people intentionally.  I mean...that's just RACIST!

This baby Polly makes me sad.

Again...the weave.  How much does that cost????????????  Imma get me some weave and give my hair a rest.  I worry if I could have my hair all braided up though.  Yall know I have issues.

Polly:  SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

Um...Mary Jane...leave them people be.  You 'bout to get shot up.  Polly needs to call her people.  You gotta take care of Niecy 'nem.



That poor baby is cute.

I knew Eric/Erik was going to bail.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

So is he gonna be a used-to-be-gay?

So drinking at work is a thing now?  I might still be in corporate America if that was the case back in the day.  LOL!

MJ's makeup is so nice now.  I've been playing around with makeup these days.  I think Imma go buy a bunch of lip colors this weekend.  Or, at least, order them.  I have one of those Nordstrom kits with all the colors for eyes, blush and lips but I hardly ever use it.  I've been doing a bit better with  it though.  

See?  Me cute.  I made it my FB profile pic.  And Tweeter.  Hell...I might print it out and walk around with it taped to my forehead cuz we ALL KNOW I can't keep that up daily. look now?  Nothing cute about it 'cept my pajamas.  They have sock monkeys on them.  GO ME!!!!!

Well...maybe I picked the wrong one to live blog.  LOL!  She wasn't super dooper trifling this episode.  Need more of this please!

What did YOU think?