Update Old Wood Furniture!

I have been wanting to do one of those Pinterest wood furniture makeovers for a while now.  I mean...every single time I see one I think to myself...I COULD DO THAT!  Then I go looking for something and I can't find anything because there is just so much stuff in the places which sell old furniture.

I was shopping for upholstery fabric the other day and passed several old furniture stores.  I stopped in and found this little table.  It's real wood and kinda cute.  I like it.  The top is all messed up from being used without a coaster and it looks like someone stained it once already.

I only paid $25 for it so, as The Robinator so eloquently put it, "Won't be too bad if you mess it up then."  LOL!  Dude has faith in me clearly.  LOL!

I'm on the fence as to if I should stain it or if I should paint it.  Pinterest people are really raving over this paint:  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 

It's cool looking...but the paint costs more than the table.  LOL!  GO ME!  It's going to end up living in a room which I'm pulling inspiration from this picture to plan out:

I'm loving the natural elements of the color scheme here.  Amber, off-white, muted greens, wheat, and dark browns.

Whatcha thinking?  Should I paint it or stain it?  Have you updated any old pieces of furniture?  Any tips?  Where do you find your pieces?