Personal Dining Room Decorating Challenge!

My challenge this week is to make this dining room look finished for Thanksgiving.  That big empty wall is screaming for something and I haven't decided what yet.  I'm about to go out into the world and see if I can find something today before I follow through with an online order with hopes it will arrive before Thanksgiving.  

I don't know if I want to put another piece of furniture in the room even though that might make sense for storage use.  I'm considering shelves but only if I find the right size.  I could also do a huge mirror I guess (saw one recently) or an art grouping.  I was going to change the color in the room but the color is on the ceiling too and I just don't have the energy for all that right now.  

Oh...and window treatments.  There are two windows so I can't use what I already have.  

I'm looking for a larger rug too.

(Starting to think this all might not happen before Thanksgiving with my limited shopping locations for immediate gratification.  *sigh*)