Me Caught the Flu

And all the reports telling people it's no joke are correct.  It is NO.JOKE.

Now...I don't know if it hit me so hard and so fast because I'm missing the lymph nodes under my left arm because of my mastectomy or if this strand of flu runs over everyone quickly but I was feeling fine, got on a plane and halfway through my flight was NOT feeling fine.  I got the worst headache and then my chest started burning and I started moving real, real slow. entire body hurt even my scalp.  It was tender to touch.  I pressed down on the soft part of my shoulder where it starts curving into my neck and it felt like I'd had one of those sports deep tissue massages.  NOT.FUN.

Now here's the part that annoyed the pig ish outta me.

So I called the airline to change my flight.  Told them what was going on and that the doctor would fax them whatever they needed to know that I really had the flu.  I'd passed out on the damn plane coming here so they had an incident report and I'm thinking that's all it would take.  The agent told me that sure...I could change the flight but that I'd have to pay change fee plus difference in cost of new flight.  Now...I'm feeling some kinda way because I'm sick and trying to not infect other people.  Well...I ended up snapping and told the woman that I had absolutely no problem whatsoever getting on that flight and going home to be sick in my bed at my home.  Not ONE problem because there is nothing more miserable than being sick AWAY from your own bed and home but I was trying to be socially responsible and not infect two plane loads of people and anyone I came in contact with at two airports including airline staff but she should probably check with her supervisor first to make sure that was her final answer.

Then the supervisor came on and tried to make it seem like she was doing me a favor by changing the flight and not charging me.  That pissed me off even more.  I'm'am...don't act like you're doing me a favor because you're not.  You're doing the right thing.  I mean really.  

So I started thinking about it and that's how we all get sick on them damn planes.  They show no mercy and a lot of people either A...don't know how to stick with them and be firm enough to get what they want out of the conversation or B...don't have the money to pay extra.  That change could have possibly cost about $500 extra.  


Airlines should figure out that the least sick people on planes spreading FOR REAL sick germs is a big deal and do something about their policies regarding.  I mean...that's just all the way wrong to not do that.  According to the first lady I spoke to, if I'd shown up and looked not fit for flying, they would have done something there but I'm like...that's bullshit.  I'm not getting up, dressed and packed to PROVE to yall that I'm sick when I can have my doctor send you a note saying so.  I'd still come in contact with other people and I'd run the risk of making myself sicker messing 'round getting up and out.

I hate non-logical stuff.

My fever this morning is down to 99.9.

The headache is gone.

Body aches still in place.

Cough is crazy bad.

But I feel better.

When's the last time you had the flu?  

Have you ever been sick away from your home?  That's a special kind of misery huh?