People Need People

Yesterday I found myself reading something about suicide.  I kept following links and clicking on related articles and it really made me feel so very sad way deep down inside.  Especially since this is the time of year that suicide touched me in an extremely personal way.

Every 40 seconds on a regular day someone commits suicide for a myriad of reasons.  During the holidays...that rate triples.

It seriously hurt my heart to think of people who feel that alone and hopeless.

I said something on FB about it and told people that if they ever needed someone to talk to just hit me up.  I'm sorry to say that more than a few took me up on that.  

During the holidays I hope you make yourself more aware of the people around you.  Try and smile a bit more and be nicer and kinder and gentler to folks.  You never know what folks are dealing with daily but we do know that the terrible feelings of loneliness some feel are greatly increased during the holidays.  You never know what that smile or kind word will do for a perfect stranger.

And you never know what receiving the same will do for you.

For Christmas this year I wish that everyone would simply be NICER to each other.  Open a door, give up your seat, pay it forward, give out baked goods to neighbors and/or coworkers, let someone in during traffic.  You know...simple stuff.

We have to help take care of each other.