Gluten Free Pecan Sandies Recipe!

Pecan Sandies were my mommy's favorite cookies.  She'd buy a pack and announce to the household that nobody and she meant NOBODY had better eat any of her cookies.  As far as she was concerned...she couldn't have NUTTIN to herself with all these kids so yeah...we steered clear.  LOL!

When I became a for real bill paying adult, every now and then I'd get a pack just to feel some type of connection to her and well...tomorrow is yet another anniversary or her  being gone and I'm up in here feeling some kinda way about it all you know?  She's gone.  I'm here.  Life upheaval in straight up effect.

So I wanted some of HER cookies.

My mommy-in-law brought me over a gallon sized bag of roasted pecans that she'd picked, shelled and roasted so I whipped out my food processor with the dough cutter blade and whipped up a batch.


4 sticks of butter at room temperature

1 cup powdered sugar

2 tablespoons of water

4 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

4 cups of Bob's Red Mill gluten-free all-purpose flour

2 cups chopped pecans

More powdered sugar for dusting.

First you cream the butter and sugar together.  I do everything in my food processor but you can also do it in a large bowl with a hand mixer.

Next, add the water and the extract.  Add the flour, one cup at a time blending well.  With a baking spatula, fold in the pecans.

Roll into balls (I make nice sized ones so the balls are around an inch and a half) and place on a baking sheet.  Then...using your fingers, flatten and shape each cookie.  They bake pretty true to size so you don't really have to worry about them running into each other if you followed the recipe correctly.  AND YOU KNOW IF YOU DIDN'T DO IT RIGHT!  LOL!

Bake at 300 degrees for about 25 minutes or...until they look done.  LOL!  


Place them on cooling racks and let them cool.  

Prior to serving, dust elegantly with some powdered sugar if you can find your sifter.  If you're like me and can't find your sifter even though you know you have one and packed one and brought it clean across the dang country with you...proceed to making a merry azz mess of every single surface in the kitchen while trying to sprinkle the dang sugar evenly and neatly knowing good and well while you're doing it it's a mess, a mess, a mess.


Bossman was over here asking questions throughout the process and whatnot:

Whatchu baking?

When will they be done?

Man that smells good!

How many are you making?

You're not giving them away are you?????????????


Fortunately...they taste so doesn't matter that they are OOGLY as all get out.  I mean come on!  Butter, sugar, flour, vanilla and pecans????????  OF COURSE THAT'S GOING TO BE DEEEEEEELICOUS!

This made about 3 and a half dozen.  Oh...and if you don't need them to be gluten-free...just use regular way less expensive flour.  LOL!  Go to Michael's and get some lil' cute containers and waxed insert paper to create some lovely gifts for neighbors, co-workers, teachers, etc.  Add 8 - 12 cookies each container and VOILA!  

Looka you...all fabulous and shit.

Just like my stuntin' azz mommy was!  

What cookies are YOU baking this year for Christmas?  This one is really easy and delicious so I hope yall try it on for size!