Texting Side Eye

I looked down at my phone recently and there was a super long text that would have required a super long response so I called the sender of the text.

They didn't answer which annoyed the pig ish outta me because they were CLEARLY near their phone typing out long azz texts.

Chapped my hyde.

Later, the text sender sent me another text with one character:

Now I don't even have to tell yall how I side eyed the ish outta that right?  RIGHT.

So I didn't respond.

Ten minutes later...they called and I answered.

Them:  Why didn't you respond to my text?

Me:  I tried to call you right back.  You didn't answer.

Them:  I didn't feel like talking on the phone.

Me:  I didn't feel like texting.


So...who was wrong here?  I generally don't text long azz stuff.  Too many typos happen from typing on such a small screen.  My text messages are usually short and sweet.