Making a Temporary House Home!

That next level exhaustion has totally hit me as I can't seem to move today.  My hands look and feel super rough from the bleach.  I've had toilet seats and handles replaced, drains replaced, mailbox replaced, new towel bars and other bathroom things replaced and I'm currently sitting here while a guy power washes the exterior and patio.  I was going to start hanging art but...guess who left the hammer, level and measuring tape in the storage of 13700?  That would us-ie.  #JOY

My mommy-in-law is going to come see me today and I'm sure we'll sit a spell and get some rest because she'll want to help do stuff I'm not going to let her help do.  LOL!  She's just like me in that she just wants to help and be of service and comfort but I'm not trying to let her lift a finger.  LOL!  

The challenge of making this place comfy is actually pretty cool.  I'm getting real creative with furniture placement, etc.   Even rug placement is a study because you can use rugs to add color to a room pretty quickly so if you have a lot of color with other accessories in the home you can get by with a neutral rug but if the room has lots of light in it, with neutral walls, you should put a colorful rug in that room to add color.  I mean...I'm literally sitting in a room making a decision about a rug right now.  Since this room has lots of color already...neutral rug.  Cool huh?

The house has all of those el cheapo plastic blinds at the windows so I plan to replace them in the living room with a scalloped roller shade since that will be the room we're in more than anything.  In the kitchen...I keep them up during the day anyway to let in more light so it's not a big deal because they will be up and hidden under the valences when they are up.  When they come down during the night...yeah...I can live with it.  LOL!

Trying to strike the balance between what I'd do to my own home to be comfortable and what to do to a temporary living situation is a bit of a challenge too.  I like things to be nice you know?  I like to see nice stuff and I like the flower beds to be nice too.  Your home should be your haven...but what is the balance between doing things you'd do in your own long-term home versus a short-term living situation?  Any tips?  What would YOU do?  I mean...I'd like to have some curb appeal but we all know I can't take that with me.  I'm going to paint the front door black (Got permission from the management company to do so because after coming here and seeing how I do things they felt comfortable letting me.  LOL!) but should I do the flower beds too?  They will take a LOT of work.  Right now it's horrible (to me) so I'd need to build up the dirt to something porous enough to grow stuff and then I'd have to plant stuff.  I'm already buying pelletized lime to spread over the grass so the PH balance will allow better grass to grow.  Should I just mulch and let is look the way it is?  Or just add some bags of gravel?  I can add flowers by using crates and sitting seasonal pots of flowers like mums in them.  Kinda like this:

Tell me what you'd do.

Speaking of crates...look at this picture I found when I was looking for a picture of mums in crates:

Isn't that STUNNING?  I shall be recreating this soon.  LOL!  Although...I called a local florist today to check out their prices and was told that hydrangea stems are $10 each.  *BLINK* say what now?  So I have to keep looking for a florist since I clearly won't be using that one.  They were talking even the common variety green ones.


I'm really  happy to say that I've stumbled on resources I didn't even know existed in the world of temporary home decor.  From an obvious place but that I never even gave thought to...MILITARY WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!  I've found so many blogs by military wives who go through this often and they have lots of ideas as to how to make things nice.  LOVE.THAT!  I mean...these women are super creative too.  Me likey. lovey!

Those of you who have rented a house (not an apartment), have you ever had any issues with the landlord?  I'm still feeling some kinda way about some things that went down the first day here.  The things have been handled, of course, and the person I'm dealing with now is an extremely reasonable and lovely person but the way things started on Tuesday morning pissed me off so badly I was ready to put my ish back on the truck and put it in storage while we found someplace ELSE to live.  I'm not about to be dealt with rudely when I ask a reasonable question and it always astonishes me when people are shocked that the response to rude ish ISH!  Come at me rudely and's about to go DOWN-T!  I can't stand nasty acting people.  No ma'am pressed ham!  (TiffanyInHouston 2008).  Yall know my saying...I'm a good person, but I ain't Jesus cuz if I was Jesus all that crucifying stuff would have gone down WAAAAAAY differently.  Idda been like...Father...they know what they do but...GET 'EM DADDY!  SMOTE 'EM!  GET HIM FIRST!  AND THEN HIM AND HIM AND HIM!  

I know...I know...that was bad but hey...yall know I can be terrible.  LOL!