Temporary Digs!

Needless to say...it is going to take a lot of work to get a one level rental house with ecru walls in shape enough for us to call home.  I'm already missing 13700 big time.  I need color in my life and rent houses just won't let me be great.  I was going to do temporary wallpaper but the walls aren't smooth.  They are like...textured.  Ugh!  Why do builders even do that anymore?????  Does anyone know?

We arrived around 9:00pm last night and got up at 5:00am to start unpacking the truck before Robby rolled out.  Shelly is coming on Saturday to help but yall know I will probably be finished by then.

Our bedroom dresser has two extremely long scratches across the top.  Joy.  It's not a move unless something nice gets messed up.  *sigh*

That garage is going to be straight up storage.  In our old house we had three living spaces.  In the temporary digs?  One.  I'm not about to recreate the furniture wheel when we move in our new house because I like my furniture.

Now...everyone hold hands and sing an old Negro spiritual with me because baaaaaaaaaay...ever since Day 1 of The Monnie & Robby Show, he has had a mancave.  Did you read the part where it says we only have ONE living area?  Yup.  Dude no longer has a mancave so that means all sports all the tie in the one living space.  *sigh*  We might kill each other in this house.


This is going to be the office so I was wondering if I should just bite the bullet and make it a mancave.  Only problem with that is that the house is so small, this room is behind the living room so I will hear his games anyway.  LOL!

I'm sure the question everyone wants to ask is...Where is poor old Jaru and how did he fare on the trip?

Humph.  His stankin' azz is posted up.  He walked around confused for a minute looking for stairs.  Then he came back talking some...THIS IS?????  I can't stand that dog.

The micro patio is going to need some major creativity to get it right so I can get my outside chill on.  Once I do the powerwashing I think I will be able to make it uber cozy.  Since it is on concrete I can do a firepit thingy.  I've always wanted one but Robby wouldn't let me get one on the wood deck.  Go figure.  Humph.  He spoils all the fun.

The neighborhood is super quiet but, as always...one house stands out in particular.  They park a car on the lawn.  *BLINK*  WHERE THEY DO THAT 'ET?????  There is a two car garage with an adequate sized two car drive up to the garage.  Why in the hell do you have a car on the fuggin grass?  Come on people!  Have some class about your azz!  I'm sure I will meet them soon enough, smooze them and then gently ask WHY in a nice lady way that makes them question the same.

The drive was ecruciating and I am not looking forward to packing and moving ever again but baaaaaaaaaaaaby...in 16 months I am going to shoot up outta here like a cannon!

Okay...gotta go do the mandatory move-in Home Depot / Target run.  Oh...and MUST.HAVE.WINE for 5:30 on the dot so MUST.FIND.WINE.STORE.STAT!  If yall hear that I'm in the hospital for an infection, it won't be Ebola, it will be from bleach poisoning (which is a very real thing that I found out when Shelly got bleach poisoned disinfecting her house from her renters).  Send flowers.  You know...of the hydrangea variety I love so. (Reminds me...have to find a local florist.  UGH!  And a hair stylist!  DOUBLE UGH! AND LORD!!!!!!!  A BROW TECHNICIAN!  KILL.ME.NOW!)  

QUESTION:  The last time you moved...did anything nice get messed up or broken?