I Heart My Uggs!

I don't like traditional Uggs.  Every time I've tried them on I've felt loosey goosey.  I like the look of them on other people (sometimes because some of the ensembles which seem to be popular make me scratch my head) but I need a more solid sole on shoes I wear casually.

I have other Uggs, but only buy the Uggs that don't look like Uggs.  All of my Uggs have solid bottoms.  Every winter, however, I say to myself...maybe this year I'll buy a pair because they do look oh so warm and toasty!

Well...I was in Nordies recently and saw these:

Notice the sole!  Solid!  Me think me likey.  And it's cheaper than the traditional looking one too!  What do YOU think?  Do you like the look of them?  Would you wear them? They come in cute kiddie prints too.